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Told not to call midwives after waters break? Lock Rss

Hi there,

I am a FTM and currently 38 weeks pregnant. At 36 weeks I was given a sheet from my midwives explaining when to call them and it stated on there five different times not to call them if unnecessary which I can understand but being that this is my first pregnancy I am quite apprehensive.

They told me not to ring them if I'm bleeding, only if there is a huge pool of blood on the floor, and not to ring them if my waters break, but instead to wait up to 20 hours after my waters break or until my contractions are 2 minutes apart lasting 1 minute.

When I told people about having to wait 20 hours they have all reacted with shock or disgust, saying that I could get an infection which could compromise baby if I wait that long after my waters break and now I'm scared and confused! I've been made to feel very reluctant about calling the midwives and really don't want to go against what they say and ring them too early or turn up at the hospital without calling them first.

Has anyone else been told anything similar? Is it really that important to get to the hospital if my waters break?

Congrats on the exciting news! I am also a first time Mum (now of a toddler) and I know how confusing and daunting it can all be, especially when it comes to hospitals and appointments.

My waters did not break, I had no pain and just felt constipated on my actual due date. I called the midwives and they said as long as there is no bleeding or contractions, not to worry and rest.

I felt something wasn't right and insisted my partner take me to the hospital. Once checked over by my midwife I was 7.5cm dilated! I am glad I went when we did.

If your waters break, the fluid is being lost from your baby, this would indicate birth is close (in most cases) I would always go and get checked out, better to be on the safe side and don't take any chances. If there's any bleeding, I would also check - regardless of the amount. You should never feel worried to call or visit the hospital/midwives. That is their job - to ensure you and the baby are healthy and emotionally happy.

Always trust your mother's intuition.
A friend of mine was in labour on the hospital bed and the doctors ad to break her waters for her. She was well into labour by this stage.

I think you should call or meet with hem to voice your concerns to ease your mind. You already have enough on your plate! And it sounds like they need to rub up on their one-on-one communication.
When my partner broke her waters at home and we went into the hospital she was not in labor yet but the nurses said that because we came in they then have to keep you in hospital until you give birth. If we stayed at home it was another 24hrs before she was in established labor and that would have been nicer then the hospital. It is really up to you what you feel like doing.
All the best for the arrival of your baby. MY midwives have all been wonderful and I was never made to feel like I couldn't ring them. I'm a little concerned about what seems like a lack of communication from the midwives to you always trust your instincts.
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