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Is Birth faster the second time round? Lock Rss

Hi Mums

Im 14w pregnant with baby no 2 and got preganant quite soon after baby no 1 (he is 7months currently)

Ive read and heard that birth second time round is alot quicker because your body is already used to having to kick it self into gear to labour and birth baby.

We live about an 1.5hrs from the hospital and as much as I would like to plan a homebirth ... i am a firm believer that most births do not go to plan and we can only do our best at the time ... but essentially at the end of the day we just have to roll with it as and when it happens ... so right now I am thinking ... crap! what if i don't make it in time to hospital? I mean if i don't, i dont, there is literally nothing i can do. But i am wondering how a second birth was for some of the other mums out there? Did you find it faster? Slower? Harder? Easier? What are your experiences?

Thanks for sharing with me.

Hi there, I know that this quite an old question but I thought I would answer anyway. I am currently pregnant with number 3. All through my second pregnancy I was told, it would be easier and quicker. There would be less pushing etc. This was certainly the case for other members of my family and friends. It didn't go that way for me. I think ultimately the labour ended up being almost exactly the same as my first ( about 12 hours from contractions really starting to kick in to birth) but it turned out to be a much more complicated birth as there were some issues with babies positioning (she had her arm above her head which meant she struggled to engage properly - she ended up being born with the arm wrapped around her face as this is where she wiggled it too). I think the general rule is yes, a second baby will be a shorter and easier birth because your body known what it is doing and has some muscle memory from the first birth, but there can always be unexpected surprises. I don't to be all negative or anything, I just know that after being told by so many people that it would be easier and quicker that when it didn't go that way for me I was confused, scared and a bit angry. This time I am not going in with any preconceived notions and will just take things as they come.
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