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Did your birth plan not go as you'd expected? Lock Rss

Tell us what happened and what you'd do differently next time if you could...
Is there such thing as a birth plan these days? I don't think labour goes to a plan mine didn't . If I had a plan I think I would have been more upset perhaps at how labour progressed. I feel not having any expectations may have helped smile
Some women feel that it helps to try to plan, even just for the emotional comfort of helping them to prepare for the birth. However, as you say sometimes you just have to go with the flow! We've put together this handy Birth Plan template for anyone who is interested:
My birth plan was completely blown out of the water. My little man now 2y6m old. Jack was 8pounds. I went in for my 39 week appointment and had been admitted that day I was being induced that afternoon.
I had the gel to start but it didn't really work until the next day my waters were manually broken by my obgyn.
I was then connected to the hormone drip for the first 2 hours I was doing wel in the shower but the more they turned it up the more the pain become unbearable. I tried as hard as I could after 15 hours I had the epidural also to have ready incase I needed a Cesarean. I was all of 1cm dialated after 20 hours The epidural was not on my birth plan along with the induced labour it was horrible. The drip was turned off overnight I got no sleep at all.
When I woke up my body naturally dilated without the hormone drip and was 7cm I felt the labour pain when I woke up and seemed so much more easier but then my drip was turned up again on full the pain was horrid.
My Obgyn came in and gave me another 6 hours to form dilation after that it was c-section. I just made 10 cm after 30 hours I was pushing I just wanted it to be over but my body was exhausted and my pelvis was too small for Jack.
The forceps came out with an episiotomy I heard the blood drip when it was cut, I was cut twice. Jack was eventually born with bruising absolutely covering his small little face and shouders and was screaming as they all do but all I could think is he hates me for doing this to him. My bowel was slighly damaged which caused ongoing hemmeroids and pain when I sat down didn't really heal.
I couldn't breast feed I was on domperidone for 2-4 weeks and still couldn't breastfeed after visiting the midwives and breastfeeding clinic I felt I failed Jack by my labour, not able to breastfeed and felt I had no connection with him until he turned 1.5 years old.
The midwives told me he would cry alot due to the bruising he'd have a headaches constantly for the first 3 weeks and my body may be traumatized due to my labour. Jack cried alot so did I but we got through it.
If I can give anyone advice please speak to anyone about breastfeeding it's such a touchy decision for my first child. Mother classes especially all first understand and please please ignore those perfect mothers who look at you with a bottle it's so important to have that confidence as a first time mum and be proud.
I wanted nothing but natural birth and to breastfeed my birth plan didn't go as planned and Jack was just too big for me.
I look at Jack now and feel nothing but love for him and angry at myself for not demanding a c-section when I was exhaused and felt myself thing's weren't right. I am now 38 weeks with my second my obgyn has suggested a c-section I have a date and feel so relieved I am being understood and cared for at 12 weeks.
I can't wait to do it all again but I expect nothing of my body I am happy to do what I need to with my little family. Birth plans sometimes don't go to plan don't expect too much of yourself tour only human not superwomen xoxo
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