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Packing a hospital bag for Hutt Hospital Lock Rss

I am just beginning to pack my 'hospital bag' and would love to know what Hutt Hospital provides in terms of pads and nappies and what people would recommend taking. Thanks heaps!
I am not in Wellington area but when I had baby hospital provided nappies for him and all pads I needed. I didn't pack clothes for baby as a gown was provided and it saved on washing for a couple of days! Pack some comfy underware or buy some bigger "nana" knickers, tights or track pants, tops you can easily feed in, pjs. I only stayed 3 nights so I didn't pack too much. I had a list at home for hubby incase I needed anything else. Other comfort things are nice, a book (not that I had time to read!), iPod/music, tri pillow, some snack food. Hope this helps.
Hi Ej...I gave birth there a week ago and they don't provide much. You need to bring your own nappies, make sure you bring plenty as we ran out (ended up having a c section so was in there for longer). They provide no frills pads, not the best but you go through a heap so use them smile Also take some of your own in case you really don't like them. They also provide hats for the babies, well for me they did but no clothes/gowns. So pretty much take clothes for you (something easy to use while breastfeeding as you will be feeding a lot if you go down this route) and baby and also some wraps for him/her. I also recommend taking your own pillow!! Those hospital ones are terrible! Seriously, I bought my huge king size bambo0 memory foam one and it was the best thing after labouring all day, night and then having the surgery! The midwives thought it was very smart of me! Oh and take your own towels. I used the hospital one initially and then used my own for the second shower when I wasn't bleeding so much!

Just my 2 cents worth smile
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