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Hey lovely mummas, I was just wondering if anyone has been offered or has had an epidural in Aus? It's just that I was watching 'The Midwives' (UK Labour and birth show)
and they all seem to get offered epidurals and most of the women have one, I've had 2 babies in Australia and was never offered an epidural and nothing was ever mentioned about the possibility of even having one? And I never asked the nurses when I was in labour, I guess maybe I should have, Do they not do them here? Or do you have to request one? I'm just curious. Cause I sure could've done with one LOL wink thanks

Hello, I am from Adelaide and have had 2 births, no epidurals offered however I went through the birthing unit where there are only midwives and was told epidurals weren't offered through this unit as such but if I desperately wanted one they could organise a doctor to come across from the 'high risk' side to administer one. This could take time though and could be too late for one.
I was always planning on not having one so never botherd asking for one or asking to be put in an area where they are more accessible.
Not sure what it is like in other states but I think you need to make it known you might like one early on in your pregnancy so they can place you in the right 'area'.
I am 24 weeks pregnant with my third and very nervous on the thought of not having one again but think I didn't the first 2 times so surely I'll be ok third time... I'm more scared this time than my first 2 times as I had good labours, 6 hours for first and 3.5 hours for second and worried I might not be that 'lucky' third time.
Yeah but I'm a bit of a different story.

My neurologist insisted that I was given one from the start(I was induced) as when I get tired I have seizures and they were already out of control, hence the induction. Mind you, I was already 40weeks.

Hi. Yes I was offered one and I had it. I was induced at 42 weeks for reduced movements (hadn't felt bub moving much and he was distressed on the monitor). He was facing the wrong way around (his back against my back) so was told from the outset that was likely to be a long/painful induction. After 12 hours of "pre-labour" I was getting the worst back pain and they said cos I wasn't technically in labour they wouldn't give me gas yet so they recommended getting an epidural. Bub was born 24 hours after the induction began and still unsure if the epidural was a good idea as I probably should have just had an emergency caesarean. End up with bub stuck and they requires doing suction twice which failed then forceps (failed first time then success on the second with a massive tear through to my anal canal...Sorry if tmi!). Had an emergency operation after to stop the bleeding and repair all the damage. Was told after if I didn't have the epidural they wouldn't have kept trying for a vaginal birth as I wouldn't have tolerated it. But the epidural meant I didn't need a general anaesthetic for the operation which was good and I was able to use it after the operation for pain relief. Next time if we went for a vaginal birth (once we finally manage to conceive) dunno if I'd do an epidural again as already know I need a caesarean due to complications from the birth of bub #1.
Oh ok, so they do do them in Aus. Thanks ladies, can u tell me Makalu if the epidural blocked the pain? Like I've had 2 babies and I know what that feels like but I'm really curious as to hear what the epidural feels like? Like do you feel contractions or that awful pressure feeling?? Or do you have the urge to push as if you've not had an epidural? Are you really numb from the waist down? Cheers smile

I want another baby, but the last labour was agonising. For 15 hours. I'm thinking an epidural might make the labour easier??

It certainly gets rid of the pain but it also makes it hard to push. However I still could feel when I tore even through the epidural. I actually managed to sleep for about 8 hours while in labour overnight before getting woken up in the morning and been told it was time to push!

The risk of the epidural (which I didn't realise before I had it) is that it means you're more likely to need help (ie vacuum or forceps or emergency ceaser) than if you don't have it.

That said, given how bad the tear I had was I'd hate to have felt that properly as it was the most painful thing I've ever felt even with the epidural (I think it had worn off a bit as I'd been pushing for over an hour and had forgotten to use the button to increase the amount of pain relief).

Hence why not sure if it was a good idea or not.
Ok thanks for that. I might read up abit on the subject n find out abit more about the epidural. If you say you slept 8 hours during labour, omg, that sounds like heaven lol
I was up all night from 8:30pm to 11:30am when bub was born then still didnt get any sleep all that day or all that night, I've never been so tired in my life those first few days he was born. And my partner just slept away peacefully through most of it, I was so jealous lol
Any ways sounds like it might be somthing to research abit more, I wouldn't mind having one next time.
To see the difference from not having one.

I am in Queensland and I have had 2 epidurals and they are the best things ever!! With the first I couldn't feel a single thing, but had no problem pushing the baby out. With the next one I could feel pressure and I felt the head crown, so a little sore, but still absolutely wonderful compared to not having one. I had two births with no pain relief and I wasn't interested in doing that again.
Wow, definitely sounds like somthing I might be interested in. It might just be the push I need to say I'm for sure going to try again for another. How did you get the epidural? Do u have to let your midwive/ob know you want one early on in the pregnancy? Or did you just ask when you were in labour? And did the needle in the back hurt? Cheers in advance smile

Oh ya... The pain relief was fantastic. I could have kissed the anaesthetist who did it. Didn't hurt getting it done (but I was a bit preoccupied with painful contractions which were distracting me!)

I just felt a sting as it went in (and had a super brief shooting pain down one leg which apparently meant they hit a nerve). After that was reasonably numb and had to stay in bed as my legs wouldn't work properly. I didnt feel anymore painful contractions but did feel my tummy tightening if that makes sense. I don't think I really felt the urge to push because of it. I did still feel bub crowning plus the massive tearing. Downside of not being able to feel what's going on is you'll need a catheter in your bladder as you can't tell if you need to pee. And yup.. Being able to sleep in labour was great.

Just remember the downside is you're more likely to have birth complications if you have an epidural which unfortunately I did. Most people are fine but its just a slightly higher chance of things going wrong.

I said the whole way through pregnancy I didn't think I wanted one but in labour I asked for it and they had it done within the hour (in a public hospital).
Yeah I've heard there is risks and downsides to it, but even so, I had my son 6 months ago and didnt have an epidural n he needed vacuum extraction, and had minor complications, so even just without one you can certainly have risks and complications too. But thanks guys, it's been interesting to hear others stories smile

My son is 3 months old and I had an epidural. Im in VIC. I did have to ask for it but there was no issues. The anaesthetist was doing someone elses epidural but was there in about half an hour or so. It was awesome. I didn't feel it go in at all. I was scared to have one because I hated the idea of being numb but was pleasantly surprised because I could feel and move my legs. Still felt the contractions but they weren't painful. I didn't get the urge to push but could feel him moving and felt the right sensation when pushing. He came out very healthy at 4.1kgs and needed no extra intervention. Just wish I had of asked for the epidural early instead of waiting til I couldn't cope.

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