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Birth options after 4th degree tear Rss

Hi all
When I had my first son, he came flying out so quickly that I ended up with a 4th degree tear. The doctors advised me that I should have a caesarean for future children. I'm just now contimplating having a second child (my son is 2 years, 2 months).
I'd like to hear from other women who had a 4th degree tear, how they gave birth with their next child.
I didn't suffer any form of incontinence with my first birth so know I am extremely lucky. However, the prospect of a c-section is very scary to me.
Any replies are greatly appreciated, thank you
Following this post too...

I had a 3c tear but did have problems with incontinence which has thankfully mostly resolved. We're TTC #2 right now and I'm pretty certain I want a caesarean but would like to hear other people experiences.

Glad to hear you recovered well. My biggest fear is having it happen again (I've been told the chance is quite small but they usually can't repair it well the second time). Dealing with incontinence at the same time as having a new baby was horrendous and I'll do anything to avoid it again.
I guess we have to weigh up the risks of incontinence with the hassle of c-section recovery. I'm hoping since my son is a little older, he will be able to "help" a little bit and it will be a fraction easier than dealing with 2 little ones. But the idea of a c-section is quite terrifying!!
I had a 3b tear with my first, it was horrible! I'm now pregnant with number two and due in December. I've consulted with a doctor and my midwife and it looks like I'm going for a vaginal birth. I'm terrified it will happen again or worse but apparently there is no increased risk, my tear healed well with no long term side effects so I'm going for it. Will let you know how I get on.
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