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Joondalup Private vs Glengarry Rss

Hi ladies


I am pregnant with my second and am considering going with Dr Neppe. I had my first at Glengarry which is my preferred hospital however I understand Dr Neppe now delivers at Joondalup.

Can anyone give any advise on obstetricians at either Joondalup or Glengarry? Happy to go to either really.

Any great OB's out there or any experiences with Dr Neppe?

Thanks so much!

I'm a first time mum and am currently seeing Dr Neppe at joondalup. I'd seen good reviews about him and a friend had seen him for gynecological stuff and really liked him.

I was set on joondalup because it is close to home and have had some friends have their babies there both public and private.

Have been happy so far.

Thank you so much FunnyFace!

I'm glad your having a good experience with Dr Neppe. I have heard some great reviews as well. Particularly from my midwife at Glengarry (for baby #1) who said he was one of the best.

I have a gp appointment this week so will organise a referral to meet with him.

Thanks again x
Just be aware from what I know he only does obstetric appointments on Tuesdays and Thursday's and apparently he gets very busy.

When you ring they'll ask you to send through your referral and then they'll contact you about booking in if he has space.

His midwifes also run a first time
Mums mums group which I'm excited to start this week! Nice to meet people and have a chance to ask questions or hear from those in a similar situation!
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