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I saw a forum before about which hurts more a rapid birth or a normal birth?
With my first son i was induced to due him only being tiny (he was 4 pound 8) at 39 weeks i started getting contractions in the morning but i could not feel them in the afternoon the gel was put in again,finally when the doctor broke my waters my contractions hit me like a train i had to be held down and there was no break it was just 1 huge contraction 45 minutes later i gave birth and let me tell you it was NOT easier just because it was faster(i think i was left a little traumatized)so when i fell pregnant with my second child i really started to stress and recall what happened.... when it was time i felt my contractions start this time,i started to panick when i learnt the doctor would have to break my waters again but it didnt hurt this time,my uterus had already dialated at about 25 weeks and i had been in hospital on bed rest incase i went into premi labour but i held out until 38 weeks and the contractions came 1 at a time i had my second son in 3 hours 7 pounder this time even though it was still a fast delivery i can promise it was no where near as bad as my first labour,i am now pregnant with my 3rd child hoping it is a girl my 1st son is 6 the 2nd son is 3 (and they drive me mad fighting) so a little girl would be amazing
Thankyou for taking the time to read and let us know your experiences
(P.s not saying any other type of labour doesnt hurt as much,just sharing my story and i couldnt find too much on rapid labours like the one i had)
I agree. None of my labours have been long. 1st was 12 hours from first niggle with my 2nd my waters were broken to induce labour and she was born 4 hours after my first contraction. With my 3rd my midwife applied the gel to soften my cervix so i could then be induced, but it sent me into full blown labour 10 minutes after it was applied and my son was born 25 minutes later and it was definately the most painful out of all 3. There was no time between contractions to gain my breath. Afterwards I couldn't stop shaking and am sure I was in shock. I'm now 41 weeks with my 4th and am hoping to avoid that experience again. Although my midwife said that I won't be medically induced this time as when I saw her 4 days ago i was already 2cm, so she would just break my waters next week.


My two births were completely different, my first I was at the hospital with back pain at midnight and after an internal found I was 9 cm dilated. Only light contractions until 7am when my waters were broken and the contractions started hitting harder and my eldest was born at 9am.
My second however, I was 42w3d when I was induced, and only 3cm dilated when I had my waters broken at 8am and was given Pitocin through IV straight away, and my contractions started hard and fast not even 5 minutes later. My 9lb 5oz boy was born at 12:00 after doctors had to push him back in to unloop his cord and I ended up with severe tearing, 42 stitches and extreme blood loss. My body went into shock and I had to have a catheter inserted, and two injections to try and ease the convulsions I was having. 5 hours after birth due to the amount of pitocin in my system, because nobody had switched it off, I still couldnt walk or pick up my baby, the midwives had to hold him to me to breastfeed.
Given the chance if we successfully fall with #3 I will definitely not be being medically induced again.
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