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amniotic fluid embolism freaking out!!!!! Lock Rss

Hi ladies
Well I'm due to have my 4th baby in 11 days, and a few times now I have come across news articles with amniotic fluid embolism.....
and now I'm completely freaking out and don't want to give birth out of fear this will happen to me.... I don't know if it's just hormones but as labour approaches I find I can't sleep and cry because I think I will die from this sad
"The condition is so rare (between 1 in 8000 and 1 in 80,000 deliveries, although more recent studies show 1 in 20,464 deliveries for a more precise number)that most doctors will never encounter it in their professional careers, and as a result the exact process is poorly understood."

The problem with the internet and the news is things we wouldn't have a need to worry about are made out like they are everywhere. 1 in 20, 464 is a very small chance. I honestly wouldn't worry at all about it, the likelihood is even less given you've already had 3 kids. 11 days isn't long to go! Enjoy the sleep ins and make sure partner and kids are keeping you relaxed, soon enough you'll be out of that hospital and home enjoying your new bubba smile

As RKSears said, its very rare. Stressing about it will not help you or the baby.
Hi ladies thanks for the reply....
I no it is very rare I just have a horrible feeling it's going to happen to me :/
I'm due to have baby number 5 in 5 weeks and feel the same. My midwife also has said seeing this is number 5 I will need a canular incase I bleed to much because of it being number 5. I was fine up until I heard that. Than to know a mother died during birth and it's just made me even more scared. I'm sure all will be fine smile
Oh no hope all goes well with your labour and delivery.. yeah I seen in the news a gold coast mother recently died from amniotic fluid embolism so it's made me have a major freak out
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