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Did you get induced and how long did it take to go into labour and have the baby?

I'm 40 weeks on Monday but I'm getting induced tomorrow (Friday) because they've found that I have gallstone pancreatitis, so they want to be able to operate on me sooner than later so are trying to get the baby out rather than wait until she decides when her due date is.

I know the time frames can vary, but just curious about how long it can take

We were induced at 41 weeks at Waikato. This was 3 weeks ago and they were using the gel still, but the Monday after we were induced they were changing over to Cervidil which is apparently like a tampon that releases the prostogladin slowly over a 24 hr period. I mention this as apparently it can change how long it takes, as the Cervidil can take longer as it is a slow release rather than the gel which is in one big lot at 6 hour intervals. If you do happen to be in Waikato I have heard they are still offering the gel as an alternative at the moment.
Anyway, sorry about that, back to the point - we were induced with gel.
Our first lot of gel was at 4pm, and my cervix was not open or dilated at all at this point.
I felt small regular contractions after about an hour, but pretty light, I could still easily walk through them, but they petered out after a few hours - I spent the first couple of hours walking down stairs (apparently walking down stairs has the same impact as walking up, so best to save your energy, I just kept pressing level 9 on the lift smile)
9.30 we were put on the monitor, which they require for half an hour prior to next lot of gel - this showed small contractions but only about 2 within 10 minutes.
10pm internal showed my cervix had shortened right up, but not dilated at all so I had a second lot of gel.
Within an hour I could feel they were pretty strong
2.30pm ish I started with the gas.
I'm not sure where you are birthing, but the policy at Waikato is no partners over night when you are being induced until you are in established labour - I called DH about 1.45 when I felt things were really happening.
Also at Waikato you are on the ward until you are 3cm, at which point you head to delivery suite to have waters broken, and have 2 hours from that point to really get going or else they start you on the drip. I'm not sure if the procedure if the same throughout NZ.
So, 3.30 we were monitored again ready for 4am gel and baby was showing decels in heart rate, we had an internal and I was 3cm, so we went to delivery suite and baby was born at 5am.
We were induced the first time round also and we progressed very quickly from 3cm then as well.
As a side point, a policy they also have is that once you have birthed they give you a shot of oxytocin in your leg (if you haven't been on it to force contractions anyway) to force you to contract to get the placenta out quickly. The first time round I remember having just pushed DS1 out and still had my eyes closed and catching my breath and I was stabbed in the leg with the oxytocin. So this time round as soon as DS2 was out I was like 'please don't stab me with the needle!!!' and the lovely midwife put the oxytocin through the saline drip that I had in. I would request this if I was you smile
Wow that was a bit of a novel, if you have any questions please feel free to ask.
I spent as much time as possible on my swiss ball, all monitoring was done while I bounced/rocked on the ball by the machine, I think that this really really helped, alongside trying to relax as much as possible through the contractions, which is hard, but I truly believe this helps speed things along smile

Hi there, my first pregnancy resulted in a induction at 41 weeks due to gestational diabetes. I was given one dose of the gel at about 9am, noticed a few light contractions at around 1-2pm and when I was about to be given the 2nd dose at 3pm I was "a good 7cm dilated" according to the midwife, my daughter was born just after 5pm the same day. Which is pretty quick. I've known a few to have theirs on the same day however I guess it depends on how far along you are and baby's readiness to come. Hope that helps smile
They put a tablet in to ripen the cervix at around 9pm and put me on the drip at about 7:30am. DD1 was born at 4pm.
Good luck!

I was induced at 9 days over my edd. I went to the hospital at 8pm and had the gels put in at 9 and was monitored for the next hour before being told to get some sleep. Hubby and I slept all night and I woke to my first contraction at 5.50am. Baby was out by 11.30. I had stressed and tried everything to make baby come out on her own but in the end the induction worked really well for me. They did try to break my waters in the morning but couldn't as I had no waters left apparently. They didn't know that until after she was born as they expected my waters to break at anytime but they just didn't.

Well it turns out it didn't take me long at all. (Late reply - baby is 4 weeks now!)

At 11.30am they broke my waters - there was no need for the gel as my cervix was already favorable.

My contractions started almost immediately and became strong and frequent very quickly.

3 hours later I was already dilated 7cm. They started preparing a drip of oxytocin, but at that same time I started transitioning into the last stage, so they never even got that far!

At 4.35pm bubs was born,

All up my labour was 5 hours, and all they did was break my waters!

I got induced as my waters broke but I didn't go into labour. My waters hadn't fully broke so they broke my waters at 8am and told me to walk the stairs for 20mins, baby didn't want to come so they started the drip cintocin at 9am baby was here by 10am. Mine was very fast. Painfully fast.
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