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  5. Anyone read a birth book by Ina May Gaskin?

Anyone read a birth book by Ina May Gaskin? Rss

In my search for ways to make this upcoming birth as uneventful as possible I have come across Ina May Gaskin.
Has anyone read a book by her? I am looking at her Guide to Childbirth, but there are also others.
Thanks in advance smile

Bump - anyone read one of these books?

Not read it personally, but have heard lots of very positive recommendations about it smile
I've read her Guide to Childbirth, I thought it was fantastic. It left me in a very positive frame of mind about the whole process. I'm planning to buy it smile
Thanks Guys,
Yeah I think I will have to invest, I just hate how much books costs - cheapest I can find it is $33, and our local libraries don't stock it.
I definitely need some help in the positive frame of mind, I'm just dreading being induced again. Hopefully this baby will keep growing, we have out first growth scan next wednesday at 28 weeks so fingers crossed smile

Random thought, but would your midwife have it or a source for it? DP's bosses wife is a midwife and she threw several books at me, one of which was catching babies by Sheena Byrom which is totally worth a read. Technically home births and chronicles of her experience as a midwife, but I read it and felt very zen and earth mothery about the birth process afterwards.

Ooo good thinking Shine*on! I will ask her next week smile
Really good to see you back wink

Hehehe, hi! Thanks!

Oh, and.... $20 or something at the book depository.....

Great, thanks! I always forget about the wonder of the book depository smile

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