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Colostomy reversal and c section for second labour. Lock Rss

My first labour I had a 3rd degree tear which wasn't picked up properly. It became infected and resulted in me having a perineum so infected and deteriorated, it was useless. A couple of days out of hospital when I was experiencing a lot of pain in the area but could not physically see any damage myself I went to the toilet and faeces would pass through my vagina. Long story short they tried to fix the area but by then it could only be diverted with a colostomy to save the perineum to heal. One reconstruction and 5 months later colostomy was reversed and my bowel movements are not the same and suffer with incontinence. Sex is a huge issue emotionally and physically I have vaginismuses which basically means the muscles around the area tightened after trauma and need exercise to relax the muscle. All of which I have dealt with while trying to be a new mum. The doctor and hospital are to blame as there was very little said to us as to why this happened. The hospital councillor wanted to know if we'considered litigation and reported it back to the obstetrician my answer of no. I felt betrayed and a huge mistrust and were not able to get a clear answer on why this happened in the first place. Lots of different doctors and 2years later Im pregnant with my second and wondered if anyone has had anything like this at all. Im having a ceasar as and wondered if anyone has had one after colostomy.??
Congratulations on number two smile I am sorry to hear you had such a horrific experience with your first birth. I haven't personally, but my SIL had very significant damage with her first, something like 360 stitches immediately after birth, 16 bags of blood and several operations in the year or two after birth sad She was extremely lucky to survive. I haven't discussed the details with her as she deserves some privacy and hasn't broached the subject with me, so not sure if a colostomy was part of the package. However, she did eventually go back for a second and had an elective c-section which she had no issues with. She was extremely nervous about having a second (understandably) and said she would not have gone back for a second except for BILs desire for a son, which she didn't feel she could refuse sad (this bit we did discuss). Her c-section was at 38 weeks in part to minimise the risk she would go into labour at all (they were concerned about all the scar tissue so didn't want to need to do an emergency c-sec once labour commenced). In the end it all went smoothly and she hasn't had any extra issues as a result. I hope it all goes really well for you.

What a horrible experience!

My own birthing experience wasn't exactly the same, in that I didn't end up requiring follow up surgery or have issues with incontinence but I did sustain a 4th degree tear which took forever to heal, infections etc and nothing is quite the same anymore - 4 and half years later.

I fell pregnant with my second daughter 12 months later and opted for a C-Section. It was smooth sailing and I had the most amazing and positive experience. It doesn't take away all the 'grief' of my first birth experience but certainly helped a little.

Best of luck.

Wow that all sounds pretty traumatic you poor thing sad

I didn't have the same thing but prior to having children I had multiple bowel sugeries, one which resulted in an infection which required me to have a tempory colostomy followed by reconstructive surgery- things were never the same after that and I required biofeedback therapy which helped somewhat. I went on to have csections for the births of my babies with no complications.

All the best with this pregnancy and birth smile
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