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So for those of you that don't know the last couple of months have been madness for my little family! Things went bad with work on the Gold Coast so we decided to move back to Brisbane straight away so Df could take a good job. Couldn't get out of our lease so we are staying at MILs, 3 of us in one room. The job turned out not so good so Df took another job in the city, changing our house hunting from one specific suburb to anywhere with good transport to the city and we have been madly house hunting everyday. It's hectic and exhausting but our old lease is finally almost up (all rent is paid) which frees up money to for moving. FINALLY!
We have done applications for several places now and looks like we will be moving to a suburb called Windsor, just north of the city.

So here's my dilemma.
I'm now 28 weeks (ticker is slightly out). I had a hospital appointment booked at the coast which took ages to get but then we moved before it so had to cancel. Moved to MILs and tried to sort one out here straight away. It took weeks but have finally done the booking/history appointment and have an appointment with a doctor at the hospital on Tuesday.
At MILs place I'm in the area for the Mater Hospital.
If/when we move to windsor I'm just down the road pretty much from the Royal Brisbane.
I could just not change my address with them and continue going to the mater or could tell them and maybe I would be changed to RBH. But for one, we don't drive so being really close to the hospital would be awesome. But the big thing on my mind is my memories of the experience I had having ds at the Mater. I hated it there. I hated the way I was treated and so much went wrong. I was hoping I wouldn't go there this time. But then there's been so much hassle getting booked into a hospital to start with and there is so much other drama going on at the moment with the move and all would it just be easier to let the past go and deal with the extra distance? I just don't know which way to go.
Anyone want to share good or bad experiences with either or both hospitals or thoughts on what you would do?

Hi Strawberry Tim Tam, nice to see you around - what a busy time of it you have had! Good luck with your move soon, I hope you will feel more settled after that and you can enjoy the last trimester of your pregnancy!

My thoughts on this are pretty simple - if you'd prefer to go to RBH just request the transfer and do it. I can appreciate it might be some hassle in getting another checking in appointment with the midwives there, but people move house all the time, stuff happens, and hopefully they will see you a bit more quickly seeing as you dont have so many weeks to go. I think you have lots of good reasons not to go to the Mater. I dont know if it would be easier to let it go if you will just spend the next 12 weeks worrying about the hospital, if you know what I mean? I think it would be best if you're happy with the hospital you're going to and comfortable with its location and your ability to get there when the exciting moment happens smile

Good luck and let us know how you get on.
Thanks slacktarts. I probably would feel a lot better knowing I would be going to RBH even if it is a bit of hassle in the short term

Sounds like the best decision then. It must feel like you've had a lot of change lately, moving towns, house, jobs, and hospitals - more than once! But it isn't silly to want to go to RBH, in case you were feeling like maybe it was and you should suck it up or something. I hope it works out and you can have a great experience.
Windsor is such good value for renting! We might be getting a large 3 bedroom plus a little extra room house with huge lounge, huge kitchen and huge yard for $380 a week. There's not much there at windsor itself but so close to the city and chermside you really don't need shops just down the road and there is a couple of parks there for going for walks to.

I would go to that appointment . Just remember just cause you have your appointments somewhere does not mean u have to labor there . Look how many Logan and brizzy people have been having there babies at the new Gold Coast ! As long as u have your red book all good ! Not that it really mattered they did not even look at mine !
Oh no, wasn't ever thinking about cancelling the appointment. We may not even know where we are moving for sure before then.

I had my first 2 bubs at the RBH before moving up the coast and cant fault them smile

I have friends who live at The Grange and they love the area, their boys are at windsor state school.

Good luck with getting everything sorted out, hope you are able to get a rental confirmed.

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