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Labour the second time around - anxious! Lock Rss

Hi there! My first daughter was born at 37 weeks on the dot and just today I am 37 weeks pregnant with my second. At this stage, I am very happy I haven't gone into labour earlier this time, but for some reasons I am getting worried about giving birth. It's really odd as with my first I was not worried at all. My first labour was really easy, not a great deal of pain, contractions started early afternoon and gave birth late evening naturally without the need of pain management. This time around bub is bigger, have a little extra fluid but she is head down although not engaged yet. Apart from a few cramps here and there depending on how I sit (and feeling more uncomfortable), my pregnancy has been straight forward but I am just really scared something may go wrong or I won't be able to give birth vaginally this time and be as lucky as my first labour. Did any of you have an easy labour both times? OR do you have any experiences to share? Not sure why I am so anxious!!! sad
Hi Valentina!
My first daughter came at 36 weeks - 12 hour labour - completely natural. No complications but damn painful so I was really anxious before my second. I think its because you know what you're in for whereas with number 1 you're blissfully unaware!
NB: I was on blood thinners for both pregnancies and new I couldn't have an epidural which added to the anxiety.

Anyway, 1 was booked to be induced at 39 weeks with baby 2 - they broke my waters and I went into labour naturally and had her 3 hours later! It still hurt but honestly it was so much easier! I think your body knows what to do the second time around! The doctors told me if I have another baby get to hospital asap as it could be a 1/2 hour labour! LOL

Try not to stress! I think you'll find its easier 2nd time around! xx

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Thank you ladies! I haven't received many replies, but yours already made me feel better smile smile xx
I had an awful first labour 36 hours tearing and an epstoimy at 39 + 4 with a healthy 9lb6 bub ( no indication he would be so big) I was so nervous this time round ( #2 is 7 weeks old) that I would have another awful labour and a big baby even though again I wasn't carrying large and baby "felt normal size" I went 4 days overdue and had a 5 hour labour from first contraction to giving birth. I had a slight tear which didn't require stitches and a 10lb baby, to say I was nervous was an understatement but after my second we are even considering having a 3rd (it took 6 years to go back for a second).
Yeah, I guess I am more anxious as I was prepared for the worse during my first labour and ended up being very easy - now I am just scared I will not be as lucky!!! sad But I guess a woman's body is amazing and very capable, so I will just try and let my fears go...!!
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