Good Afternoon Everyone,

My name is Emma! I am second year student midwife currently studying at Australian Catholic University in Brisbane and completing my practical clinical at the Mater Mothers.

As apart of my studies I am involved in a program called the 'Follow Through Journey' or (more recently called) the 'Continuity of Care' program.

This program allows me to facilitate professional friendships with 20 lovely pregnant women and their partners (or birth partners) and to help, support, prepare and advocate for them along their journey into parenthood. It also means that a friendly face will be there to attend appointments and for labour and birth.

This program also allows me to learn and hear about your decisions whilst being pregnant and decisions you make regarding your birth plan and so on. It also allows me to learn off other healthcare professionals that will be assisting you along your journey as well.

My previous 'follow through' women have appreciated having someone to run a question by or to call 24/7 if they were concerned or are unsure about what to do. If I cannot help or it's out of my scope of practice then I have helped find the right person to contact to help.

The Continuity of Care Experience is 100% confidential and you are welcome to withdraw at anytime it you find that it is not for you.

Please contact me on for more information or if you would like to be involved in this fantastic experience!

'Thank you for your great support, help and great suggestions you have given me!! It has made it a really enjoyable time' CCE


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