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Just a lil scared.. Lock Rss

Currently 38 weeks and 5 days pregnant, doctor has told me they want too give me a stretch and sweep at my 40week appointment. Just wondering who here has had one is it really painful and what do they actually do?
Tickled*pink wrote:
Firstly- I haven't had one, so I cant tell you, but there are many here that can smile

Have they said why? You don't have to have one if it's not necessary and you don't want it.

They don't want me to go anymore then 7 days over as I have gestational diabetes, and gbs this pregnancy. im hoping I just go natural this time so fingers crossed I go before needing a stretch n sweep!
My2QTpies wrote:
Yep I had one with DD, they basically do an internal check and stretch the cervix and sweep the membranes away (someone else may word it better)
Its uncomfortable, if its your first pregnancy it may hurt as you haven't had labour or birth yet, to me it was a bit more uncomfortable than a smear test.
you may not need one as you may go into labour before then.
good luck

2nd pregnancy but I cringe at just an internal check lol, im hoping to just go naturally this time so fingers crossed I go before needing a stretch and sweep coz that doesn't sound too lovely haha
Tickled*pink wrote:
I see! That makes sense smile

GL! I hope baby decides to come before then for you

Congratulations smile

Aw thankyou! smile
I had one this time round, and I found it less painful than a Pap smear! Had read that it's very uncomfortable etc but I was surprised that it didn't really hurt at all. All the best though, with whatever happens!

I didn't need one but I think everyone is different. Some people say it hurt and some felt hardly anything. Just relax aad I'm sure its not that bad...given your about to go through labour and birth, how bad can it be?
People have told me that having your waters broken hurts too but mine broke at home and then resealed. So they broke mine again when I was in labour. I hardly felt a thing and had to ask "is that it!?"
Hope you go into labour before then! Goodluck

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