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What was your second labour like compared to your first? Lock Rss

Hi Ladies,

I am due with baby #2 at the end of September. My first labour was 4.5 hours from start to finish. When my Mum gave birth to me, I only took 2.5 hours to arrive and my brother only took 30 minutes to arrive. The doctor and MW have informed me that my labour will probably be quicker this time around and I could possibly go early again (DS was 5 days early).

Just wondering what your thoughts/stories/experiences are?? Can't wait to hear from you smile
Hi Keen Mummy,

I honestly think with every pregnancy the labour goes quicker. For me it did anyway. My first was 16.5 hours, 2nd was 6.5 hours, 3rd was 3.5 hours, 4th was 3 hours and 5th was 1 hour 15 mins. I'm on baby number 6 now and everyone keep telling me that this one will just slide out in 5 mins ha ha ha! I don't want another fast labour as I think it hurts so much more as your body doesn't ease into the pain its just like BAM its happening.

Hope all goes well with you and this pregnancy. What ever the out come of labour you will have a beautiful little Munchkin to cuddle smile

A Mum of 4 Beautiful Little Girls, and another Munchkin baking in my Tummy!

#1 was 2.5 hrs It felt like I was dying and it only got worse 8min of pushing
#2 was about 1hr 15min felt almost as bad as #1 but as least I knew what was coming 2 min pushin
#3 was 45 min I kept waiting for it to get worse but it never did about 5min pushing
#4 was about an hour pushing about 5min
#5 was 20-30 min gas was my friend

I was 3.5 hrs as a first baby
#1 due date
#2 nine days early
#3 tw0 days early
#4 twelve days early
#5 exactly four weeks early
Mine was horrible!! My DD was born a day before her due date, 4hrs active labour. DS was induced 4 days later, much bigger baby, still 4hrs active labour but complications with shoulder dystocia. Every baby & birth is different so you need to be prepared for 2nd time around to be different. Hopefully it is quicker & easier but it also may not be smile
I remember the pain was much more intense, but was going much quicker. I was already 6 cm dilated when i was checked at hospital, and had no time for drugs so just went with it. Despite the pain i actually enjoyed my ds2 birth more, I felt much better afterwards than I did with my first.

Ds1 - 31 longing hours, painful thanks to being posterior. Went to hospital not long after labour started. Epidural at 21 hours. Vacuum extraction with second degree tear. It was a tough but totally worth it.

Ds2 - 23 hours, painful. Laboured at home. Epidural given but failed (omg), only at the hospital 6 hours before he was born. Very painful but totally worth feeling each mm of my little man. First degree tear and just a few stitches.

Both spontaneous labour. DS1 born on his due date, DS2 born 38+3 days.

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