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hi there, I know there is a lot of info and experiences on this forum regarding this but its so overwhelming and I cant find many replies relating to my situation.. This will be baby number 4, I am 40 weeks and 5 days and my midwife is doing a s&s tonight..

what I would like to know is the chance of it being successful. what ive read is mostly women having them done earlier and with their first or second baby only

I have been having pre labour pains and the closest have been half hour apart then they go.. its so disheartening.. im feeling like I cant or he dosent want to come out..

also my first ds came 2 weeks early naturally
then my next two dd both overdue and needed to be induced...

I would appreciate any feedback..thanks in advance
I had a S&S done when pregnant with my second, I was 39+3, and had been having pains for weeks, they were driving me crazy!
My ob said he'd expect me to go into labour within 3 days, but I knew not to keep my hopes up, however, I went into labour 3 days later and gave birth that day smile

I know you were after people who had, had one with their 3rd or 4th babies, but I thought I'd share my experience anyway.
Good luck with it, I hope it gets things moving for you.
hi athaye.. ive been having pains too.. really bad on and off for about a week...sounds hopeful...thankyou.. Im sorting of getting that its more successful the closer you are to being due and also subsequent children.. im trying to not get my hopes up too much also..

thanks again

thankyou Jas to for the bump up.. still new to this forum
Good luck! I hope you have a new baby now or are atleast in labour! I had a stretch and sweep done at 40 + 2 and i started lightly contracting straight away. It was done at 10am. By 5pm they had disappeared so i thought bugger it hadn't worked. Went to bed that night feeling nothing. Woke at 3am restless but no contractions and couldn't sleep so got up and started watching tv. Contractions then started at 4am and came on quite quickly. By 6:30am we were on our way to the hospital as i was struggling with the pain and they were 5 mins apart. Bub was born at lunchtime. I will be asking for another one if this bub goes over too. Worked a treat for me! smile

that's great...unfortunately my cervix was still closed.. but midwife said it was ripe and soft which is a good thing I guess... she said maybe Im just one of these women that need a little help to get things started..but thanks so much for sharing you experience with me smile
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