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A little bit about my journey to motherhood:

Since getting pregnant I have been an active stalker on the forum but never posted, now I seem to have a bit of time whilst sitting feeding my baby I thought I would share my story and start contributing instead of just watching from the sideline.

Pregnancy was much less glamorous than I imagined, I had previously lost over 30kg and was feeling good about myself for the first time in a very long time/ever then I got pregnant (planned). loosing the ability to control my weight was very difficult for me as were the hormones, I wasn't glowing, I had terrible acne all over my face, neck, upper back (something I had never had before), my hair became oily, I was tired all the time and scared as to whether my baby was ok almost constantly (for no reason as had an incident free pregnancy until the last couple of weeks when blood pressure sky rocketed). My poor husband wondered where the hell this crazy person had come from and what happened to his sane-ish wife.

I had an amazing midwife, I was very set in my birth plan - wanting a spontaneous vaginal birth without pain relief (I was set in stone on that, only if baby or I in mortal danger did I want interventions). Blood pressure went up at 37 + 5 and so began an increase in monitoring and the possibility of induction, as induction (and the increased possibility of interventions that comes along with it) was not in my birth plan I wasn't fussed on the idea other than knowing I wouldn't go overdue as I was well and truly ready for bubs to be born.

I however went into spontaneous labour 2 days before my due date (I say spontaneous but I had done all the old wives tales - eaten a whole pineapple, gallons of raspberry leaf tea, sex, long walk, spicy food, pre-natal expressing which I think all contributed), labour was long 20 hours and it was much much more painful than I was prepared for, all went well and my beautiful daughter was born 9 pound 8, a sizeable baby with just some gas at the end of stage 2 labour for pain relief.

After birthing the placenta (which I found to be an annoying distraction) I felt amazing and couldn't wait for a shower and to take my baby home (after the allotted minimum 2 hours at the hospital after birth) but it wasn't to be, my midwife did an examination and called in a staff midwife for a second opinion on how to proceed with treatment (I was not in any pain from the damage itself so thought it was relatively minor, the examination itself hurt so had some more gas during that) they then called in the 'dr' for his opinion (enter 3 more people to investigate my nether regions whilst legs hoisted into stirrups) turned out he was a surgeon and I had a 2nd degree tear which ruptured a blood vessel and created an internal hematoma (sp?) which needed draining in surgery urgently. I think the euphoria of having just given birth to my gorgeous daughter made me calm and I just went with the flow and despite a tear when I kissed my husband and baby goodbye I headed to surgery feeling ok, I was all fixed up under spinal and back with my wee family after 2 hours.

Once the spinal wore off the pain wasn't too bad and was controlled by paracetamol (which i only needed for 3 days) I was able to have a shower after a few hours (assisted) and the catheter a massive fear of mine was actually really handy as I didn't need to get up to pee and my irrational fear of catheters was cured.

After spending 2 nights in hospital I was allowed home, my amazing midwifery care continued and my midwife and her back ups were God sends during the first 6 weeks of my parenting journey, not to mention my amazing husband who has literally done everything for me and supported me, it has been hard, breast feeding is ridiculously tough, I had terrible nipple damage from poor technique, mastitis (the worst/most debilitating illness I have ever had) and a baby who lost weight sad after supplementing with formula and working with an LC on the latch we are now working on getting to exclusively breast feeding although if I am honest the top up at night sees her sleeping 6+ hours so I am a hoping this will not change once we drop that bottle (judge me if you will but I think a mothers good night sleep out weighs any detriment of 1 formula bottle).

So that novel is my story smile
Congratulations and well done! It's not easy but it gets better. The first few weeks is really rough being a new mum, but somehow we make it through the feeding, sleeping etc issues that test us along the way.
It's the most amazing journey, way beyond my expectations.
This forum has been a great help, good to know so many others have been through similar and sadly sometimes a lot worse than us.
Welcome to the forum team of fabulous mummies. All the best for you and your little girl, loads of fun happy times ahead
Hi and welcome smile

Reality is starting to hit again that I will be labouring and birthing another baby this year! Reading your post is bringing it all back to me, lol. I hope the drama of the birth has subsided and your settling in with your new daughter well. Glad to hear your husband is such a great support! I'm lucky to have one of those too.

Congrats on the birth of your baby.

Looking forward to getting to know you more smile
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