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Experiences with Nepean Public Hospital?? Rss

Hi all,

I'm 27 weeks pregnant with my first, have just moved to Sydney and will be delivering at Nepean. I was living in Perth when I fell pregnant and was signed up to deliver in a really nice Family Birth Centre and had planned a natural birth with the possibility of a water birth if I chose.

Now I'm kind of freaking out because there isn't much information on Nepean and what I can find isn't current. I haven't even had my booking in appointment yet, they can't fit me in until I'm over 30 weeks, (which will be 5 weeks of no contact with a midwife). I'm just not sure what sort of facilities they have and their philosophy (if any) to childbirth!

If anyone is signed up to deliver at Nepean or has recently delivered and can share their experiences it'd be really appreciated.


Unsettled Mum to Be

Mum to Be - 6/05/2014

Katrich - there is a facebook page, Northwest Sydney Mothers Group. Join and ask if anyone if anyone has any experience at Nepean. I don't know anyone who birthed there but perhaps one of the ladies might have.
Good luck.
Thanks Miss Belle, I'll look into it and cross my fingers! smile

Mum to Be - 6/05/2014

Here's the link just in case.
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