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Birth after 3rd degree tearing Rss


I'm just after some advice if anyone has had a similar situation. In 2011 I gave birth to my first child. I was in labour for over 17hours but in the last 3 hours I went from 3cm-9cm. It took probably only 5mins and 3 pushes to get him out once we got to that point.

I tore quite badly (3rd degree) and it took over an hour to stitch me back up. The first time hubby and I tried intercoarse was 2 months after bub was born. It was one of the most painful experiences. We tried again but it was too painful and stressful. I was then referred to a specialist who then referred me to a physiotherapist who specialises in lady issues.

I went through months of physio and massage as the scar tissue was quite bad and whoever stitched me, puckered the skin a bit so I had some very tender scar tissue going on.

After 7 months my husband and I could try very gentle rocking (not very fun inter-coarse) and after a year of careful sex we were almost back to pre-bub. (Almost, I still experience pain now and cannot do certain positions).

Anyways, back to the point, I'm pregnant again and have been given the ok by the hospital to have a CS, but I'm actually a bit scared and I just wanted any feedback of people who have had a similar experience.

I'm scared of the CS, but I'm scared if I don't have it I will have over a year of recovery ahead of me and also afraid that my privates will just give up! I'm worried about leaking down there with urine and gas as this has been brought up as well.

Please help!!
I have been through a similar experience. I had my child back in 2008 in which I experienced a 3rd degree tear (and also was cut.) My stitching also took about 1/2 hour from memory. My son was delivered through vaccum extraction and his head was so bloody and red and sore from it, looked terrible! The recovery with my stitches were so painful! I had to have laser to take the swelling down as on day 3 I didn't look any different down there.

I am now pregnant with my second, only about 6 weeks along so haven't discussed birthing options yet but I am leaning more towards a C- Section being my best option, even though I am so terrified of it and also the recovery! But I don't want to do anymore damage down there, I also have scar tissue from the stitches and tear.
I had a 4th degree tear with my first daughter in 2009. When I fell pregnant with my second a year later I opted (well not so much opted as a natural birth was never even mentioned by anyone) for a C Section.

It was awesome! I was so scared of what it would be like but compared to what I'd been through the first time it was a total breeze. It didn't hurt that much at all and I was up walking around the day I had my baby. With my first birth, it took three weeks before I could even sit on my bum, but my second, I was out furniture shopping with my husband, new baby and toddler at three weeks.

I had third degree tears with ds although I did not have pain after a month or so. I was offered a cs for dd but chose not to after a good discussion with my mw. Dd was a quick labour and I had to really control the urge to push,my mw was fantastic and really kept an eye on what was going on. Anyway I had no tears or anything and was out walking 2 days later.... I too was worried but am pleased I chose the option that I did.
A friend of mine had a 4th degree tear with her first. She had her 2nd 4 years later by C-section as recommended by her doc. Her recovery was great, we visited her in hospital and she was up and walking around the same day she had the baby and she's had no problems with her scar healing etc. Even though having a C-section is major surgery, it seems that the recovery time is quite quick for most. Talk to your doctor and get as much info as possible smile
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