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Please help week over and planning VBAC Lock Rss

Ok so I'm a week over my due date from scan, I believe my due date isn't actually till this Friday. My first pregnancy I was 7 days over and induced then emergency c-section. This pregnancy my ob is saying if my cervix is ripe today they will induce me next week if not then book in for a c-section. I really really do not want to be induced again or have a c-section
What would other people do, I'm getting a lot of braxton and pushing??!!
I would say no to induction or c/s unless medically necessary. My understanding was that induction wasn't recommended for vbacs. have a look at you might find some good info on here, or be able to speak to someone who can point you in the right direction for more info. They can book you in for induction, but you can decline or opt for monitoring.
I too am overdue and hoping to VBAC. My understanding is that they will not induce you using all the methods that they normally would with a non VBAC person and stick to more manual methods such as sweeps, balloon and membrane rupture and ONLY if your cervix is favorable. If they didnt think you would go into labor yourself soon anyways they wont do it and they would just take you for the section.

However remember that you do have the right to refuse any medical procedure and dont feel bullied into anything if you dont want it.

I understand your concerns though. I too have a looming section date (4 days away) and am praying like hell I go into labor before then. I wish you luck and fingers crossed we both get our VBACs!
Thank you so much, the ob did a scratch and sweep yesterday which really seems to have stirred things up. She also says I'm 2-3cm dilated with a favourable cervix. The main thing that concerns me is I believe my dates are wrong and like I said I'm not due till this fri and she goes away next week. The plan is for me to have my waters broke and go on a drip :/
Heya hope things are going to plan for you! I had my wee man two days ago after going into labor myself although I had complications that ended up in another emergency section however I got to try for my VBAC which is what I wanted. Hope you got yours!
I went into natural labour 1:30am on the 23rd and at 4:30 pm out came a little boy smilesmilesmile so happy. After pushing for 2 hours I needed a pisiotomy (sp) and the vacuum :/
I hope your recovering ok from the csection it's definitely not easy
Thank you very much they suggested if I couldn't push him out with help I was going into surgery, I have never ever tried so hard in my life to do something lol
Wow congrats! Our wee boys have the same birthday! Cute. Im glad all went OK for you and you got your VBAC. I am recovering exceptionally well actually and am loving being at home with the wee man.
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