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Anyone had years between pregnancies ? Rss

So I am 36 weeks and it has been 12.5 years since I gave birth to my lil tween . Any one else in the same boat ? Don't remember the first being so bad . Starting to get very nervous . I am older now and have back issues and high blood pressure .

Not me personally but my sister was 39 in July and had her 3rd daughter at the end of June and there is 12yrs and 3 months between #2 and #3. Her eldest is 15 smile
I am 44yrs & have an 18yr old dd & a 4yr old ds. Was a 14yr age gap between the two. I struggled with my 1st pregnancy with severe pelvic pain, swollen hands & ankles, nausea & reflux. Was hospitalised for a week with resl high blood pressure towards the end.

My second pregnancy my daily migraines blew out completely every day & night. I got severe back & neck pain, nausea, reflux & hot belly symdrome as I call it. Just a real hot sickly feel in the tummy. Also really swolen hands & feet.

I just at the end of both pregnancies just wanted the baby out.

Normal to be nervous. You will get through it. Trust me I know. Hang in there & I wish you all the best for your-coming birth. Its all worth it when you get to finally hold that precious bundle of joy finally in you arms. Xx

I only had 18 months between my first 2 then 6 years and this time it will be 4.5 years. So it will be 12.5 years between number 1 and number 4
my closest family cousins are 25 years apart and its fine, the little one loves having a older brother!
Thanks for the replys smile I know it worth it in the end smile just the lead up smile have hospital app on Friday . So cross your fingers I won't need the c-section smile placenta posteria was completely covering cervix on the plus side it moved wink hopefully it's outta the way now smile
im due tomorrow with my DS #4 and my youngest in turning 12...all I get is people saying are you crazy!!!!! ive really enjoyed it because its like having my first again and im much more relaxed. probably because im that bit older too....the only negative is that I feel like im expected to be an expert.. roll eyes
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