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hi all, am wondering how many nappies to take to hospital and should I take wipes as well? my last bub they supplied them both, but saw a notice at mw clinic today saying they no longer do this. I don't have a clue how many Id need!lol. Im there for at least 3days as c/sec. Also, was told today you can express milk a day or two b4 c/sec n take it in w you for bubs. Has anyone done this n did it help your milk come in better? What type of little containers should I get for it?
I just took 1 packet of newborn nappies for hospital. I think it was perhaps a 30pk?? Had heaps to bring home but the newborn packets are small so didn't really matter. I'm not sure why they'd suggest you express for you baby to take from a bottle?? Wouldn't you just breastfeed after the surgery?
last time I had lots trouble feeding as milk didn't come in cause c/sec was a bit traumatic.
It's probably different where you are, but where I had dd the hospital supplied all nappies and wet wipes, we were in for 5 days. I took a packet of nappies and wet wipes with me though smile

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A packet of newborn nappies would be enough. If not, someone you know could always drop some in, there's usually a pharmacy within most hospitals that would have them available to buy. I'd bring a couple of packets of natural baby wipes to clean up the meconium mess of baby's first poo.
Instead of expressing beforehand, I'd make clear your plans to breast feed and be sure to have plenty of skin to skin contact immediately after the birth. Maybe even request the support of a lactation consultant smile
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