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Hi All,

It's taken me awhile to get a chance to sit down and write this but I still wanted to share my birth story and some pictures of Harrison. Can't believe he is 2 weeks already, it feels a long time ago I was pregnant. Hope people don't mind my rambles!

Harrison's labour and birth was really intense so I will do my best to remember it all. I had a planned induction at 37+6 weeks because last year I had an unexplained stillbirth at 40 weeks and so this time the induction was basically just to avoid that end part of pregnancy and hopefully get baby here alive. To say i was terrified going into hospital is an understatement.

Got to hospital at 7.30am and by 8 the doctor had a go at breaking my waters but it wasn't successful. So they started me on the syntocinon drip and I had to be monitored the whole time which really restricted me moving around. I pretty much couldn't move at all. They were having trouble monitoring baby's heart beat so at about 11 the doc came back and tried again to break the the waters and this time there was no doubt he succeeded; fluid just pissed everywhere (scuse the language but there was SO much fluid!) To quote the doc it was a flood of biblical proportions. I was lying on the bed and was soaked upto my head in it! The doc also attached a scalp clip to baby's head at this time so we could more effectively monitor baby's heart beat so I had a wire coming out of me, attached to a machine, plus the belt monitor for the contractions, and the drip attached to my hand. If I needed the loo the nurse and all the equipment had to come too.

After my waters were broken they could ramp up the drip and things started to feel serious about 1pm. By 3 I was really feeling it and so they moved me to the delivery room (I'd just been in the ward room before). To get to delivery we all had to shuffle me, the machines and a modesty sheet around me (I'd had my pants off most of the day, dignity was a distant memory!) in delivery it really felt painful and it's here I zoned out I think. I just lay on the bed and I mostly remember shutting my eyes to the terrible pain and constantly telling everyone that "no no I can't do it pleeeeeease no" I think it was after 5 when they started encouraging me to push (despite my protests of nooooo) and finally at 6pm Harrison was born; perfect, healthy and screaming smile it felt like the most painful of all my 3 labours but I am happy I did it. Maybe they were all that painful and I just can't remember.

I had my partner and sister with me the whole labour and birth and it worked really well. They were fantastic support and I gripped both their hands very tight for hours I'm sure. But they were strong and awesome. I had a fantastic stay in hospital too, so much support and care from the midwives and I got lots of help with breastfeeding which is going well so far. So much easier than my first experience. I almost can't believe it's going so well, it seems unreal. I'm not sure what else to say so I will just say that lil Harry is just awesome. We like him very much. *Pics gone*

unique1 wrote:
He is beautiful smile he looks so alert too in the last pic we have those slippers too smile

Thank you smile the slippers are cute hey. Not that they stay on his feet well. Nothing stays in his feet!

I need to change my ticker as I'm no longer pregnant but can't figure out how!
Nai&BE wrote:
Naw what a wonderful story and such a gorgeous boy!!!!!

Thanks Nai smile
3littleBs wrote:
Naw slacktarts he is so perfect! Congrats hun, wow I cannot believe its been 2 weeks already!!

Thank you I can't believe it either. Feels a life time ago I was pregnant.
Thanks for sharing your story Slacktarts. Harrison is adorable. I'm sorry to learn of the baby you lost last year.

OMG, he is gorgeous. smile

Congratulations again Slacktarts, well done to you.

Mr J (April 2005) Miss Z (Feb 2007) and Miss O (Oct 2010)

Pinkie Pie wrote:
Thanks for sharing your story Slacktarts. Harrison is adorable. I'm sorry to learn of the baby you lost last year.

Thanks, it was a long anxious pregnancy this time. Harrison has his deceased brothers name as his middle name.

Thanks jazool!
Congrates! He's just gorgeous!

Oh wow he is just gorgeous hun, congrats,
Thank you so much for sharing your story and pics...he is just so adorable, congrats smile
Thank you guys smile

'painful' didn't even begin to describe it at the time but funnily enough the memory is starting to fade now, as I get full of new and better baby memories smile

And thanks T - I found the edit profile and just deleted the ticker for now. I'll have to look at making a new one sometime.
He's beautiful. Congratulations!! Enjoy this time because it flies by smile
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