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Westmead Private or Norwest Private Rss

Hi to all the wonderful mothers and fathers out there, I have just found out that I am pregnant with my second child, and want to know if anyone is able to give me any feedback positive or negative with both Westmead Private or Norwest Private.

For the first we had a great ob and had a positive delivery at Norwest Private 2 years ago. but since then we have moved to the Westmead area and this hospital is closer to where we live. Although I am still happy to travel to Norwest at it is really not that far away. So any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
Had my baby at Norwest private with Dr Sykes. I had a great experience. Loved the hospital and my dr was fantastic.
I do know people who've had their kids at westmead. They were happy too but it's a little different. My understanding is that at westmead you have to do more yourself. Eg. Wash the baby in your room, sterilise your own bottles, feed in your room. Norwest I found had more support with their wonderful nursery where you could bf with other mums and talk to the LCs at any time etc.
Depends if you prefer to be left alone or not. I will be going back to norwest for no. 2 for sure!

I had both my children at Westmead Private under Dr Gayer (1st Baby) & Dr Siri-Wardena (2nd Baby). Both were wonderful and I'd highly recommend them. My youngest is now 5 so it's been some time but I had such a wonderful experience at Westmead Private! Couldn't fault them in any way at all.
If you have any questions just let me know smile
I've had a baby at both of them and am having my third at norwest. They are both nice facilities. I did like the family feel at Westmead a little more as there is more security at norwest being a newer hospital. Both friends and my mothers group have used both facilities and haven't had issues with either although some people prefer the nursery at norwest. They are both great though.
Westmead private has an amazing feeding room where you can get help from a lactation consultant and chat to the other Mum's it is very relaxing. They also let you and husband stay together with baby in recovery after elective caesarian.


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