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People at labour and birth Lock Rss

I had my mum and my DP in the room and for me it was fantastic having mum there as the extra person mum was much more considerate to my needs than DP (even though he tried) and new exactly what to do and when to back off. Considering that she has been present at both births and will be at any subsequent (sp?) ones. Not only that DP was more than happy to have her there. But the choice is completely up to you and what you feel comfortable with even just having them there in the background but at the ready with support might make you feel better.
As for it being possible to have a drug free birth when being induced it is definately possible. I was induced for both of my pregnancies but with my last there was no time for an epi and i had no choice but to go without any pain relief.

In both my labours I had my mum and dh. I definitely think its an individual thing. If you want whoever in the room with you for support go for it.

Thanks everyone, it's been great to sort of 'think this out loud' as it were. I probably haven't effectively communicated my fears and I am conscious of taking over things when it's my partners baby and experience too. I think maybe I am not giving him enough credit and if needed to step up, he would. But if someone else is there then he will step back. I'm thinking of just having one person now, and asking them to stay in the background unless needed and making it really clear what I do and don't want from them. My partner just makes jokes about it being gross and has said things like he doesn't want to cut the cord. But maybe he'd change his mind on the day? I'm not sure.

Pumpkin that's a good point about hospital policy and support people - I should check on that hey!

Thanks Rosie mumma, it's a good point about him maybe not feeling trusted. I don't want that, I think he'd be a stronger support if he was the only one there and forced to take on the role, if that makes sense. I have worried he might freak out and want to leave at some point but maybe I should just trust he will be ok.

Thanks for sharing your experience Chalys, it sounds like it was a very special moment the second time, I'd like something like that! I'll have to talk to him about staying with me the whole time.

Thanks Mara Louise they're good ideas about making the plan clear to everyone. You're not far off being due - good luck to you also!

Merry berry - thats great you had a positive induction experience, fingers crossed for me. I am hoping it doesn't take too long.

Thanks Garfield smile
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