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Hi Kirsten_20,

Thanks so much for your birth story it was so lovely to read!
I definitely don't believe in a so called "small pelvis" it really annoyed me that my OB was so closed off in trying a VBAC and said to book a csection without having anything to prove that I would be in the same situation again... As all births are different, and like you say my pelvis would only be a problem if I had injured my pelvis etc in an accident.
I have great support this time round and they are all aware of what my wishes are, and what's important to me. And although I have no idea of what is going to happen I am staying really positive and am ready for either situation. smile

Thanks again Kirsten
My DD2 was born via VBAC. DS1 was breech, so I had an 'elective' (pathetic that term) C Section.

With DD2 we had dicussed it with my ob. and he was happy to go either way, it was totally up to us. All he said is that I would need to have constant monitoring if we chose to try VBAC so needed to ring the hospital and come in at the first signs that bubs was on their way. Well DF range the hospital and was told not to bring me in yet no matter how many times he called and explained the situation. Eventually the morning came and a different midwife was on duty and said, "You'd better get here straight away!"

It was now peak hour traffic and we live about 15minutes from the hospital on a good day! (so atleast 45 minutes!) So she told us to call an ambulance.
I held off 'till the ambulance got here and they we thinking about trying to get me to hospital first. No bl**dy way! I had not pushed yet but desperately needed to and was not going anywhere. With two pushes bubs was out and all good! (luckily for us and that midwife!)

So in the end it was fine but would have been much nicer in a hospital where I was monitored like I was told I had to be and I was meant to be despite me having a VBAC, due to another medical condition I have.

I think, if they'll let you, try for VBAC first and make sure you are monitored, but just be mentally prepared if you need to have a c-section.

Goodluck! Hope you get your VBAC!

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