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I'm currently 29 weeks pregnant and wanting a VBAC.
With my 1st I went into labour at 38weeks, she was posterior and I was in labour for bout 22 hours with epidural and pushed for 2 hours.
OB came in and said no way that baby is coming out and his guess was that she was 3.5kg. So I had and emergency c section.
She was only 2.2kg... But she was getting distressed and called it failure to progress.

Anyway I'm new to all this so not sure if I sound stupid with how I described the above but was wanting any advice on how I could increase my chances of having a VBAC or if anyone has had any experience with this.

Thanks smile
Hi there,

i had emergency C-section with DS1. l was induced after 9 days post due date and after being in labour for 12 hours and pushing for an hour, he got stuck. No wonder at 9lb 15oz (4.5kg)!!!

l was given the option of trying for a VBAC with DS2 by my ob. l was happy to try, but after checking how things were progressing on the due date and nothing moving, decided to opt for another C-section 2 days after due date.

l have heard lots of women having a successful VBAC for second pregnancies, including my SIL.

l'm not sure about how to increase your chances of a VBAC, however having the support of your ob / midwife would certainly work in your favour smile Good luck.

My first was an em c-section too, I was 13days over and had been in labour for 36hrs (about 18hrs of active labour), my ob found ds was stuck and sent me to theatre, ds was 9lb 2oz (about 4.1kg).

I was very determined to have a VBAC with number 2 and my ob supported me with this decision, I didnt really do anything different during the pregnancy (except for reading a lot on birthing), but during labour I made sure I kept active and then gave birth to DD1 with only the help of gas (she weighed 3.6kg).
DD2 was also born vaginally, again I kept active and used no pain relief that time (she was 3.8kg).

Good luck with your labour - I hope you have all the support you need smile
Thanks! This has given me a lot of hope for a VBAC smile

I don't see an OB till I'm 34 weeks (I'm in NZ) so just trying to gather as much information as I can before the birth. I think I was quite naive first time around.

Thanks smile
Choose a homebirth! Highest rate of successful VBAC!!!
If this isn't your thing then take a doula to a public hospital..
Research like mad!!
hi, I am currently 35wks with my 2nd. I have just made the decision to try for a vbac.
dd1 was born via emergency c/section @ 38wks. she was breech. I went into labour & decided to see how things went, as I was in a really good hospital with great emergency facilities & a breech birth specialist. everything was going along great & after just 5hrs of labour I was encouraged to push... her heart rate dropped & the ob took me away to theatre. I had to go under as he wanted her out NOW!!
I have just seen a midwife this week that is part of a special group of midwives that specialise in vbac & I feel confident from meeting with her & listening to her information. she went through all my notes from my previous birth & is confident that I will be able to give birth virginally this time.... I am a little nervous, but I have faith in the hospital & I know if I need to have emergency care, it can be provided. I feel that both myself & my baby are in the best hospital to care for us & we are in safe hands!!
fingers crossed I get to give birth virginally in a few weeks??
I have some websites that they provided me with.
hope these help you!!
I had a successful VBAC with dd2. She's just about to turn 2. Dd1 was breech and I had pre-eclampsia so I was booked in for am elective c-section at 37+5 which her.

With dd2 I didn't do anything different really, just asked lots of questions so I was informed of what he process was with a vbac. Basically I was told that there is a certain amount if time they will let me labour, I had to be monitored constantly. As it was I was in pre-labour for 25hrs and they had to break my waters to kick start labour (wasn't dilatingk,). She was born in 1hr 57mins from that point.

I would say just be as informed as you can be. Write down any questions you can think of before your next appointments. And I don't know if there is anything over there similar but I got offered to go to a vbac class.
I haven't ever had a c-section but some of my friends have and many have gone on to have very successful vbacs. Most of them agree that using/trying different positions is very important when in labour (although it is very hard to do with the extra monitoring) and apparently the less pain relief you can use the better as it helps your body do it's natural thing.
I think the more relaxed you go into any birth the better it generally works out and basicly all you can do is research (as you are clearly doing) for knowledge and have plenty of confidence in yourself and your medical team.
Maybe speak to your midwife about things you would be willing to try during labour (positions/water/different pain relief techniques) and also ask about anything they would recommend you do or look into before hand?
I would also ask about Evening Primrose Oil and Raspberry Leaf tea. I used both of these at the end of my second pregnancy and cannot highly recommend it enough! I had a 3.5 hour labour from first contraction to delivering the placenta, bub was 9lb 2 so not tiny. No tears or stitches.
Wishing you the very best of luck with it all!

Just had an appointment with the OB today (I'm 34 weeks).. Didn't receive the news that I wanted to hear sad
She said that because dd1 was only 2.290kg (5lb 1oz) she thinks that I have an odd shape pelvis and that if I couldn't get her out naturally I'm not likely to birth this baby.

She said it is up to me, so I have decided to still go ahead with a natural birth and obviously if things don't go to plan I will have a c section.
Feel a little deflated as they couldn't provide me with any information to help, I think my midwife has been more helpful to me in giving me advice and options.

Oh that's a shame. It is a hard decision to make isn't it! I decided at 34 weeks that I would try for VBAC then had another appointment at 40 weeks and still thought the same thing. However, DS2 was measuring pretty big so I was getting a bit concerned. Had my waters broken at 40+4 but within an hour he became bradycardic and I went in for another emergency c-sec. He was 10lbs (4.5kg) so quite glad I did have another c-sec. In my opinion all the reading and researching in the world can not prepare you for the reality (the unexpected).

Hi Jacaranda, Our experiences with our first kids are different but heres my VBAC experience from 3 weeks ago, and about the weird shaped pelvis comment from your OB, please take that with a grain of salt, my partner fixes pelvises for a living and unless you've had surgery or a severe deformity thats an old school belief. As for a successful VBAC, have a great support person, keep active if you can, walk walk walk, don't let them freak you out with 'big baby' 'small pelvis' talk, going over due date or failing to dilate etc. Visualize a positive outcome, all that being said what will be will be but for me I think changing my mindset from fearful and powerless to taking back some control and believing in my body put me in a good space. All the very best for the coming months, I really hope you get your VBAC. smile
i had an emergency c section at 29 wks and 6 days then for my second a vbac which was very horrible my birth went from 4am till half past 4 in the afternoon they had to break my waters and by then i was to weak to push so he had a vaccum cup to help assess me, i ended up with a third degree tare and 4 hrs of surgery giving birth to a 6pound boy it was so horrible considering the nurse had been the reason for the surgery and it scared me, i asked for pain releif and i wasnt given any was all gas, they made all the decissions.
Now im considering with my third a c section but i enjoyed being able to experience the hard work where as a c section left me so confused, i want to know if i have another vaginal birth will it be easier or will i tare again and have another terrible experience?


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