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I am interested to know if anyone has used hypnobirthing during labour?
I am 25 weeks pregnant with my 3rd baby & i am exploring this as an option but it is something completly new to me.
Both my previous labours have been drug free & both induced.

Thanks smile




Rosie Mumma wrote:
Drug free inductions!?!! I'm impressed! smile

DH and I did a hypnobirthing course before DD was born. We really enjoyed it and although I ended up having her 16 days over and being induced I found the strategies we learnt really beneficial during the labour.

I think the best part was the CD of affirmations which helped me get into a really good mind set before the birth. And the massage/light touch techniques they taught the men was really good too.

Get onto a course soon if you're keen, they suggest practising the breathing and listening to the affirmations for a few months before you're due.

I did the same as Rosie mumma with ds1 and it was great for the first 17 hours then I had all the drugs on offer for the next 9 hours and it (hypnosis) would not have been effective with the c section I ended up with lol.If there had not been any complications then it would have been good.Best wishes to you

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Thanks Ladies.

I was pretty lucky with both my inductions i only needed the gels & my water broken to get my labour started both times.
Hoping this one will be the same.
I have diabetes & random high BP so my OB has already said we will be inducing at 38 weeks again this time.
The first one was not so nice almost 14 hours managed with gas & air!
Second labour was 3 hours 1 lot of gel, broke my water & bubs was here!

i have looked at a couple of courses but just wanted to get some other mums insight first.
My DH is kind off skeptikal with the whole thing but i think it will really help me as i hate not being in control & i have heard hypno is really good for keeing you focused & calm at the same time.

I have gotten to the point in my both my previous labours where i have being screaming give me the drugs!!
So im hoping that hypno will help calm me (not that there is any problem with having drugs its just my personal prefernce not to have them.

Sounds kinda silly now that i read it back but i just have a fear of epidurals for some crazy reason!




Eranda: I have heard TENS is really awesome if you can use it right, is it one of those things you got to get used to? like do you practice before or something?

I was induced for my first after my waters broke and nothing progressed and I did this drug free as well but to be fair I never had time to consider pain relief it happened so quick.
Is Calm Birth similar to Hypnobirthing?

I have heard it mentioned by a couple of other mums.




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