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horrible back pain post c-section Lock Rss

hi ladies, just wondering.if anyone else got really bad back pain after the had a c-section?
Im one week post c/s and the past 3 days ive had horrible back pain that i guess you could say is interfereing with day to day tasks.
It dosnt matter what position i lay or sit in it causes me so much pain and the worse thing is the pain is at its worse when im standing up straifht with a good posture. I alsso have horrible shoulder+shoulder blades. Its at the point now were im nearly crying in pain when i change my little dudes nappy and hurts even more when im walking himm around the house soothing him. Anyone else have the same/similar thing and any ideas how to relieve it apart from trying not to over dose on painkillers the hospital gave me when i left lol
I think you should call the birth suite or obstetric review team if there is one at your local hospital. It may be nothing or it could be something quite serious. Although rare, an infection can develop in the spinal cord from where the epidural was inserted and pain is one of the first signs of that. Are you getting headaches or any other symptoms like fever and nausea? I would push to get a review just to be safe! It's probably nothing, however better safe than sorry eh?

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I have a visiting midwife coming tomorow so ill ask her and see what she says. I have been getting headaches and my face and neck get quite hot out of the blue sometimes but it could be from my high blood pressure as i had preeclampsia
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