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Did you labour differently with subsequent pregnancies? Lock Rss

Hi all, I'm currently 33 weeks along with my second, and was just wondering if other mothers had experienced different labours with their pregnancies?
With DS, my waters broke at 32+5 and he was born at 35+5.
I had a massive amount of back pain (midwives called it pre-labour) but no abdominal cramping before he came. I couldnt keep any form of food down once the backpain started.
With this pregnancy, it's been the polar opposite to my first - minimal morning sickness, lots of fatigue, bigger, more uncomfortable ect. so I was just wondering if my body would respond the same way to the labour or not.
What are other mothers experiences with multiple labours?
Lots of monitoring and trips to the hospital. ;P
Basically, because my waters had broken so early, and I hadnt gone into labour, I was given the option to induce (and face all the premmie risks), or to have baby monitored and allowed to progress (with associated risks) to 37weeks (at which point baby would be considered "term" with no premmie risks and induced).
DS decided to come on his own at 35+5. Doctors dont know why they broke so early (or why I didnt go into labour), but I had the hospital circuit downpat after a week!
My two labours were very similar but were both spontaneous at full term. Only difference was they broke my waters the second time, just near the end. My pregnancies have all been virtually identical too.
my two labours were a little similar!
got induced when I was 40+6 weeks with both
5 hours with my first child, 10 hours with my second
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