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Induced with first, what about second? Lock Rss

Hi Ladies,

I was induced early with my first baby at 39wks due to IUGR. He weighed 6lbs 4oz and was small but a healthy and happy baby.

I was wondering who else has been induced early with there first, but went on to labor naturally with there second before 40wks? Was the labor quicker?

Thanks! smile

Thats ok lol thank you smile
I was induced with my 1st (not from complications) at 42+2 weeks. - 38 1/2hrs labour.. My 2nd was 6 days overdue and natural labour (waters broke) 6 hours labour, my 3rd was induction at 41+6 labour was 1hr 13 mins smile

So i believe that the 1st labour body doesnt understand what is happening 2nd and 3rd time around it is a pro smile

Good to hear, thank you smile
I wouldn't recommend you compare your first experience with your second. I was induced at 38 weeks after my waters broke and my second I just hit 37 weeks and it was a shorter, drug free natural delivery. I think the second time was easier/smoother than the first b/c I knew what to expect. Good luck smile
Hi there,
I was induced with my first at 38+3 for IUGR also. My labour was only 3 hrs. So i think i was v ready anyway! She was born 5lb 15 healthy happy baby too. Just small smile
My obgyn assured me my 2nd wouldn't have IUGR.
My second was a natural birth at 38+5 labour was 7 hrs but prob wd have been a bit quicker as he turned and became supine* I think is the term? Spine to spine. Which slows labour. So I delivered on my side! Actually much better than the first on my back.

But as a pp said I don't think the body remembers previous labours and each preg/labour is unique.

Good luck! And hope that helped smile
PAIRS - You are probably right, thanks for sharing! smile

Dani-334 - Will be interesting to see if I go early myself this time around. Thanks smile
With my first, Had my waters broken for me on my due date to try and speed things up due to a few bub issues. Had a super fast labour with minor issues.
2nd pregnancy I had a completely natural labour & water birth at 39 weeks.

Luck of the draw I think...anything is possible! smile all the best.
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