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So i startred to go into labour the other night (i am having twins) so thought it was normal i am 35 weeks but found out i had a uti (bladder infection) and labour stopped on its own.... However now 5 days later i am starting to cramp again. I am on antibiotics for another 2 days could the cramps be from the infection they are not as bad as the pains i felt just dull and annoying.
Yep it could be the start of something. My labour with DD#2 started like that and delevoped from there. Just remember true labour gets stronger, longer and closer together. Good luck.

i just took 2 panadine forte it doesnt feel like last time but when i sit they seem to relax a little i am hoping they go away as my app is on wednesday.... I dont want to keep going into labour only to be sent away.....The pain is more like period pain not contractions
I had period pain before my contractions

Ok so the pain has gone and i am feeling better i think i was panicking a bit as i didnt want labour to start again only to be sent home....
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