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So how does the midwife system work in Oz? Lock Rss

I'm a bit confused by some comments on another post, which sound like maybe you guys in Oz don't have a midwife all the way through, and there's lots of talk of OBs.
My experience here in NZ was - Didn't even go to Dr, just found a midwife that could birth where I wanted to and that was it, she was the only one I saw all the way through (apart from sonographer for scans), she was present at birth and came to visit for 6 weeks after.
Can you explain the system in Oz to me please?
Thanks!! smile

Curious One & The Curious Two wrote:
Rosie Mumma wrote:
i think in Oz, the general idea is that it's "safer" to have an ob. (I'm not with this sort of idea but nearly everyone I know who's had a baby is.....)

you know i dont even know what an OB does...

Me neither!! It sounds pretty impressive though smile

I see now why there was another post about having a doula, makes a lot of sense if you don't have the support of the same midwife all the way through

nadz27 wrote:

I had the same midwife for both pregnancies it was cool that she got to see DS when I was pregnant with DD since she delivered him

Same. I had the same MW for both my kids too. She was the only person I saw for both my pregnancies, deliveries and post natal care smile With DD1 I did go to a Doc to confirm I was pregnant and get advice on what to do next, doc said find a MW. With DD2 I called MW after I got my positive and she did the initial bloods etc. All free, even seeing the doc while preg is free smile

In NZ if you need a OB you will get referred to one for free so if complications arise you remain "safe".
There is something called a midwife program where if you are lucky enough to book in early enough you will get to see the one midwife all the way through. I don't know if this is just in nsw or not, but it books out really quickly. And they won't take you if you are high risk.

I do gp shared care, I see my gp mainly for my thyroid control and because I am classed as high risk I have to see the doctors/obs at the hospital for my hospital appts.

for me, i hire an independant midwife. i poas, discover i am pregnant and then start thinking about a midwife. i hire one and go to my gp at around 18 weeks to get a referral for an u/s. i see the same midwife from whenever i hire her until 6 weeks post birth and she is available 24 hours a day. i decide on tests according to how i am feeling, results of u/s, midwife checks etc. it has cost me between $2500-$3200 per child + $40 per gp visit + $180 average per u/s.
Thanks so much for your replies, I think I understand it a bit more! Not totally sure what an OB does still smile
It has definitely made me more appreciative of the system we have over here!

Where I live you have to see (and pay) an obstetrician for your check ups, there is no midwife program or clinic. The ob just does things like takes blood pressure, measures tummy, and checks babys heart beat each time. When the time comes you go to hospital and there are midwives there that help you in labour. So it seems a weird system how they make you go to the ob. With my first (different part of NSW) I went to a midwife clinic at the hospital and just saw midwives (differnt one every time but I didnt mind) the whole way through and at delivery, didn't have to pay to see a doctor at all. I think it really depends where you live. Does sound a good system in NZ!
My experiences have been that an OB is useful and ideal if you have concerns or medical history that may play a factor during pregnancy. I saw one a few times for my first as I was under 24 and have a negative blog type so help with outlining the potential dangers that are associated with that. And then just stayed with midwives at the hospital.

With my second I started off in shared care which is a mix of doctors and midwives, then I moved onto case load which is basically what you had in NZ. Caseload is mainly for low risk pregnancies and mothers that are looking to have a natural drug free labour.

Plenty of options at least but depends on the cost and how you want to labour

Good luck
I'm quite lucky, my GP is an OB, so I get a private OB (sorta) without all the extra fees. He isn't guaranteed to be there during birth though, I had an easy birth so it would be fine, if there were problems he would have been there. It means I don't get to meet the midwives at the hospital, so they are all unknown when I go in during labor, but with DD I didn't care by that stage.

I like my care, it's really good and I have a lot of faith in my GP. I know I could use the public system, that is get referred to the hospital by GP at first visit then only see midwives, but they aren't necessarily going to be the ones with you during birth. It's cheaper, you don't pay anything apart from scan fees, whereas I pay GP fees every visit, but it's just as good pretty much.

This is just for my local hospital, I have no idea what it's like anywhere else...

We have the option here in our town. There are two midwives that have an office in the drs clinic and they see all the pregnant ladies if they choose to do it that way. The information is shared between the midwives and the ob (who is a gp as well), the ob has a look at the info after every checkup but it saves them heaps of time not having to be booked up with extra patients to see.

The drs push for everyone to go through the midwives but you still have the option... For me I chose to stick with the ob because one of the midwives is my aunt, the other one I work with. If it weren't for that I would have gone with them because it would have cost me a lot less.

Coming from NZ where my mum is a midwife, I can tell you the Aussie public system is.. Different/very foreign to me!

I'm doing shared care (half appts with my dr/half at the hospital) to avoid massive waits at the hospital. It's not costing me terribly, I only pay for my dr appointments, then get some back from medicare. But not having a midwife with me throughout the pregnancy, and who I know is going to be there at the birth is depressing.

If I had known that I either have to have private health insurance/pay billions of $ to have my own midwife, I would have gotten health insurance. Gutted when I tried to get it, pregnancy counts as a pre existing condition. I wasn't exactly planning to be pregnant!

I'm lucky in, I am having baby at a small local hospital with only a handful of midwives. They tried to ship me off to royal womans, I had a meltdown and got my way haha. Trying to look for the positives!

All in all, I wish I was having baby in NZ. But that doesn't work for us.
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