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Who used a bath in their birthing suite Lock Rss

Other then those who had a water birth....who used the bath in their birthing suite for pain relief and what did you wear whilst you were in it.

I'm hoping to be able to use it this time around and despite this being my fourth baby I'm still not liking the idea of getting in naked. Swim wear seems over the top, so I'm just curious to know what everyone else did......

I used it for both and absolutely loved it!! But I'm no help as I was butt naked for most of both my labours laugh a sports crop top thing sounds good though

Oh wow - look at you being almost due!!

I didn't use one, I wanted to, but for the 2 labours I wanted to use it, it wasn't working for some reason (not sure why or how). I would have just worn a crop top type thing...or boob tube bra thingy.
I've always wanted to use one too, but first hospital didn't have it as an option and the last to times I was induced and they wouldn't let me use it because of monitoring. I want to avoid the gas as much as possible this time though because I passed out on it the last two times, so I'll be arguing for it even if I have to be induced.

I'm leaning towards a long cotton lycra singlet. Something that will be easy to get off when wet.

I haven't used one, never had the opportunity but there is one bath at the hospital so if I get to use it I'd like to. I'd want a top on for sure, that's just me. I'd probably just keep bra and shirt on, I wouldn't care about it getting wet. Not sure about the bottom though, I'd probably keep undies on unless told to take them off.
I used it with my daughter and it was amazing the midwife left at first so my husband helped me into the bath and after a few minutes i couldnt have cared less that i was naked! It was so nice and very relaxing she walked in and i didnt even notice! funny how during it seems less important! after that i was just happy to be out of pain and forgot about putting anything back on!

I wanted to use it with DD, but didn't get a chance. Will def request it with this one though, and im the same, don't like the idea of going naked, so was thinking of getting a swim skirt, or just making one, shouldn't be too hard to whip something up. That way there is nothing in the way, but your not completely naked, IYKWIM??

All the best!!

I had waterbirths with both mine.
I wore a bikini and didnt take the bottoms of until it was time to push...
Then the midwives took the top bit off for skin to skin so ended up naked anyway I think
I used one and just took all my clothes off, but I do have to admit that I am not a very modest person so it was a non-issue for me.
i was thinking of using a bath this time in hospital and was wondering the same thing. may go for a swim skirt if i can find one. will see what actually fits closer to the time.

I ended up getting a singlet top and undie set from BigW. Figured that way I can wear it under whatever I wear to the hospital and just get straight in (if allowed). While it actually looks quite nice it was only priced at $10 so I figured it wouldn't matter if it got wrecked....then got to the checkout and it was only $5. So I'm very happy withe that smile

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