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Id love to read some positive birth stories! Lock Rss

Hi Ladies,

Does anyone have a positive birth story they'd like to share?

Im 40+4 days (getting very over it and just want to meet our first baby) and over the last few weeks all ive read & heard is everyones scary traumatic labour stories so now id like to read some positive stories!

Was anything easier than you expected? Better?

Thanks. smile
i was 40+4 when i went into labour smile i heard all the scary stories before hand too and i was convinced it was going to be horrible and i would need all the drugs! lol
BUT i ended up doing the whole thing (26hours, 18 of which i was at home) drug free and gave birth to a very healthy girl smile i went home two days later, had minimal bleeding and felt great. i will admit i did end up getting an episiotomy but only recieved one stitch and i didnt hurt at all smile

u will do fine hun smile fingers crossed bub isnt too far away for u
I had my DD2 7 months ago. I was induced with her. I was disappointed as I wanted to be able to move around and not be stuck to the bed.

But I decided not to get hung up on the negatives and just go with the flow. I had the drip put in and sat in bed and read a magazine and dosed on and off over four hours as the midwife kept turning the dose on the drip up to try and start labour, but it wasn't working. So the obs broke my waters to try and get me into established labour. That worked a charm and off I went. I decided to have the gas as things got uncomfortable and that took the edge off it. To my surprise, I felt an overwhelming urge to push only 29 minutes after my waters were broken. I told the midwife who told me to do what ever I needed to do. Pushing took the pain away and I felt very carm and in control again. 8 minutes later DD2 was born.

It was a beautiful, calm birth, despite the initial intervention. I went home 24 hours later.

I was 40+1 and woke up at about 5am with a pain. I kinda 'knew' this was it, but lay in bed timing them for the next 30min. They started 10min apart but by 5.45 they were 5min apart. I got out of bed and wondered to the kitchen, leaving DH asleep in bed (it was a sunday so he didn't have to get out of bed early) The contractions were all in my back so the most comfortable position for me was sitting backwards on a highbacked chair with my arms over the top, so stretching out my back. After a while i went into the shower and slowly shaved, just relaxing and enjoying the water on my back. I got out and wondered around the house for a while with nothing on, and then just before DH's 8am alarm went i went itno the bedroom and sat beside him on the bed and woke him up. He just looked at me like i was crazy, and then i walked into the kitchen as another contraction hit, before going back to the bedroom and continuing the conversation. It took quite a few minutes, and two contractions before i finally got through to his head that the baby was coming wink

I got back in the shower for a while, and about 9.30 i rang the hospital and the midwife said it sounds like your in prelabour which could last for a couple of hours or even days. I just about died at the thought of that gasp So to get my mind off things DH and i started playing a card game, but that didn't last very long. We filled up the bath but that didn't work cos i couldn't stretch my back properly and i cried at that, cos i really wanted a waterbirth...

at 10.30am we went to the hospital, got checked and i was 6cm! The nurse was so impressed that she told every other midwife who she saw smile so we got into a room and she started filling out paperwork. She asked if i wanted pain relief and i asked for pethidine ( i had heard that it makes you dilate faster) so she went to get that and the Dr stuck his head in (was a different Dr to mine cos my Dr was off for the weekend) and he chatted to us for a bit. Meanwhile the nurse came back with the pethidine and the Dr left. About 10min after getting the pethidine i felt the need to push, so went up on the bed with the back raised and got to work wink DH said i was pushing for 40min, i was pretty zoned out for most of it. I believe its cos of the pethidine, i just felt like giving up. I even thought to myself at some stage "if i hide this contraction they won't make me push" DH laughed later when i told him tongue

Anyways, at 12.46 my little darling daughter was born. She was quite sleepy, she just lay on my chest with her big eyes open not making a sound. She was 3350gm, 52cm long and absolutely gorgeous smile

So don't listen to what they say about first labors being long. Yes, they can be but not always smile You will be fine, and at the end of it you will have a gorgeous little bub who is all yours!!!

I was 40+6, had my first proper contraction when my waters broke, an hour and a half later I was up to 6cm, certainly uncomfortable but nowhere near as awful as I thought it would be, 40 minutes later I was 8cm (again surprisingly manageable) but they discovered she was breech so off for a c.section. Not a horror story though, the spinal was barely noticable going in after the local anaesthetic, then there was no more pain, just a blissful "aaaaah" feeling knowing I was going to see my wee girl very soon. The team was fantastic (I'm a theatre nurse so I work with most of them, potentially hugely weird but strangely not) we were put at ease, and I had our girl with me within a few minutes of her birth. Not my hoped-for birth but still lots of positives smile Try not to listen to horror stories, I know it is good to be aware of what can happen but everyone's experiences are so different. Good luck smile
My girlfriends had a surprise baby shower for me about 4 days before my due date and I went into labour that very afternoon about 5pm. My contractions were 5mins and less apart and really full on. We later found out it was because DS was posterior..Went to hospital about 10pm but I was only 2cm dilated so they sent me home. 2hrs later I couldn't stand the pain anymore so we went back and I sat in the spa bath which helped a little bit with the pain. At 7am I started pushing and it looked like it was going to be a water birth but after 2hrs of pushing we'd gotten nowhere so it was decided we needed some help. I was taken to theatre and given an epidural (which was awesome after enduring 17hrs of labour!) and DS was finally delivered by forceps after I was given an episiotomy.
Once your baby is born you somehow just forget how long and painful the birthing process was and really, everyone's experience is different and unique. You somehow just get through it because you know what the end result will be - a perfect beautiful little human that you created smile
I have had three labours and no interventions, minimal drugs and three healthy babies. The first one was a bit of a shock only because the feelings are all new and nothing you have experienced before. By the third I literally slept at home between contractions. People LOVE to share the traumatic stories because it is like a form of therapy for them but trust yourself, your body and your medical team and it will be OK.
Even though we ended up with a C-section, I still think of our birth story as super positive.

8pm - contractions.
8pm onwards - contractions in a room lit only by our fire and kept company with our bulldog 'Handsome'.
12am - call hubby home (he works nights)
3am - go to hospital (8cm dilated)
4am- waters broken and meconium in waters so baby monitored
5am - both baby and me monitored
11am - baby not coming out on its own (even though fully dilated)
11:15am - 'emergency C-section'
11:30am - baby suckling and all well.

That's a nice 'simple' breakdown for you.X

New stay-at-home-mum and owner of Outie - designing and making pregnancy tees and splat mats for minimising baby boo-boos.

I think my last birth story was positive. Woke to a sharp contraction at 2am then heard a pop as my waters broke. Rang my MW who came to check as the contractions started coming quite quickly. Left for hospital at 3:30am (half hour drive). Got in bath for a while then felt contractions change..... got out of bath and onto bed. Five or so pushes and had my DD at 5:40am. Had skin to skin and BF her for an hour or so.

Showered, signed paperwork etc and was home with my DD in time for lunch .

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