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  5. considering castor oil..... 3 days overdue... advice plz

considering castor oil..... 3 days overdue... advice plz Lock Rss

so im 3 days overdue and have been over being preg for weeks now.

had stretch n sweep on monday 4pm, contractions mon night then eased off at 11pm when i went to bed. was 3-4cm dialated at the appt.

Started having big contractions again last night went to hospital as ive also been loosing the mucos (yuk) lol and am still 3-4cm dialated sad they wont induce me wont offer me the gel nothing til the 20th dec..............

So iv given pineapple juice ago curry 2 nights ina row, walking etc.

Am desperate enough now to give this castor oil a go :/...... where can i buy it eg woolies?? how much do i have and how oftern?? and plz tell me i can mix it with orange juice or lemon aid lol im keen to have this baby tonight!!!!!!
I would never consider using castor oil! It can cause your baby to become distressed or poo inside you... I have heard a couple of stories where the baby has actually died from the mother taking it...

I know how much it sucks being overdue (my kids were 10 & 9 days late) but it sounds like you are part of the way there anyway if you're 3-4cms and losing your plug...

Try walking and lots of sex, you can also get another stretch and sweep done, it took 2 with my last baby to get things moving!

If you do decide on using castor oil please research it properly first smile

Good luck for the impending birth!

I feel for you hun. I really do. I had a crap pregnancy with ds and went four days over. I

(Noddy's not fat ffs!)

I feel for you hun. I really do. I had a crap pregnancy with ds and went four days over. I did everything but Castor oil. I heard some terrible things about it but the biggest complaint seems to be that women end up throwing up through their whole labour!! Doesn't sound like fun to me.

You can try sex. The gel they use to induce women is actually based on a substance found in semen. So um.... go get some. Lol.

Sex was the last thing I wanted but I gave it a go anyway. Haha!

Its bloody hard to stay positive but try and find something to cheer yourself up?

(Noddy's not fat ffs!)

No def not castor oil! yuck... When i was pregnant with ds2 i was over it by 38weeks. As much as i didnt want to we had a good romp lol and surprise surprise i went into labour early that morning and had him early afternoon! SEX the best way to bring on labour lol

thanks ladies after reading a bit more up on it im deff going to stay away from it, wow unbelieveable how it can effect u n bub, yet the midewifes have suggested it to me sad

Not willing to take the risks though, id never forgive myself if something bad were to happen or i stressed bub out. Im off back to the midwife today at 12.30 so will get anouther stretch n sweep done ( hate the feeling) followed ur sex advice this morning TMI lol deff the last thing im interested in but i am willing to try almost any thing atm lol

And convincing my ,mum into some xmas shopping today to get some walking in n also to take my mind off every twinge n movement!

Gees its so frustrating though comes 5pm and the contractions start rolling on in, hits 11pm i go to bed nothing, waik up pretty well noting to get too excited about sad preying the midewife will book me in to b induced today...... not counting on my luck though they sure do like to let u go til the agonising end dont they lol
I'm really glad to hear you read up about the castor oil and have decided against it! I think it's one of those methods from the old days lol the risks of things are better known now!

It's so crap going overdue hey, but you don't have much longer to go and once you're in labour you will be wishing you weren't laugh laugh

Best of luck, I hope the stretch and sweep today helps things get a move on for you!

acupuncture. - worked within 48hrs for both of mine. For first pregnancy - had a few warming up sessions during last few months. With 2nd pregnancy my chiropractor/acupunctureist said my body knew what to do, so didnt need the warming up ones. I went in to get the acupuncture on the due date (he wouldnt do it earlier) - then the contractions started 52hrs later.
and the acupunture doesnt really hurt. little sting! - nothing compared to labour. and definitely nothing compared to mastitis. - anyway, that is more fun for after smile
really over the top but do you own a BOB??? (Battery operated boyfriend), woody, buzz a vibrator??? I was told that if you put it on your g spot and get off it helps more better then sex and if your not a big fan of your other halfs baby making juices leaking our of you!!
Aparently you tense up alot more and get off much more then just regular sex.. But i think it depends on how good your partner is.. tongue

Better alternitive then castor oil.. Heard only bad things about it and i am not impressed that your midwife has offered the advice to you. The mothers i have known that have tried it all had bad things happen from diahrrea in labour to baby pooping in the womb..

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