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Hi there,
Just wondering if any one has attempted/accomplished VBA2C. I am planning on having VBA2C in feb 2013 and it has been a real battle to find support. Would like to hear peoples stories and advice.

Thank you.

Congratulations on your HBA2C!

I am in Victoria.
I have also chosen to go with a private midwife and she is very supportive of my decision. I have booked into a hospital to have my baby. I have seen a midwife and an OB at the hospital so far and they weren't very supportive! The midwife told me that they would just book me for a c section regardless of my decision! The OB was even worse, he was swearing at me and trying everything he could to get me to agree to a c section! I left that appointment in tears. Luckily my husband and midwife are very supportive and they made sure that I didn't give in. I ended up putting in a complaint to the hospital and have now been referred to a VBAC specialist!
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that all will progress well. I know that there are restrictions that will be placed on my labour. My midwife and I decided that a home birth was not a safe option for me as I live at least 1 hour away from the hospital so if something did go wrong it would take too long to get us there.
Any advice would be appreciated.
Hi Girls,
I absolutly love reading happy stories smile I have been to the Dr's today requesting a VBA2C but he wont do it sad I can understand as I live in a little country town in NSW and he doesnt have a lot of staff support if something goes wrong but I don't care I am going for 2nd opinions and 3rds and 4ths if I have to! I really want this and I can't let it go I will be having bub in the next closest bigger town of Orange NSW and im just wishing and hoping I can find an Ob or private midwife there to help and support me. So after my major breakdown today and uncontrolable crying I am researching as much as I can before my next Ob appointment with a new doctor. xxx
Hi Girls,

I moved to orange nsw about 3 months ago and am expecting my 3rd baby. Was prepared that i had to have another c-section after already having 2 but found a doctor that is letting me go VBAC2. Very excited and at the same time very scared as really this is like having your first baby with no labour with either of my first. so fingers crossed, due in 2 weeks.
Hi Idpf1984,
Good luck with your VBA2C!
I am in the same boat as you as I have also never laboured so I will be doing it for the first time in Feb.
I would love to hear how it all goes for you.
Good luck again.
Hi I'm just wondering could you tell me what dr you went under in Orange for vba2c? I live past dubbo & they will not let me try for a vba2c. I'd love love to know if orange would! smile
So nice to hear hopeful stories. I am not due til September but already thinking about a VBA2C; so far I've had 2 different ob's; the first one insisting on a c-section because I had gestational diabetes and DS was posterior; what a wank!!! 2nd ob was only 2nd ob as we had to change hospitals at 38wks due to my DD requiring surgery once born; this ob was happy for me to VBAC but only if I went into labour on my own; consequently I was 42 weeks and no baby so another c-section it was; so this time round I am trying another ob who overseas home births at one hospital he works at and states on his website that one of his passion areas is VBAC so I can only wait and see what his thoughts are when I see him on 13th Feb; fingers crossed he will give me a go as this is our last baby, and I still can't help but feel ripped off; although really I should be greatful that I have two healthy children. Just ranting as I am so passionate about VBA2C. Thanks for listening.

so just an update, i know this post was 2 years ago. but i did end up having a successful vbac2 in nov 2012 and happy to say i just had another through the public system this time 2 weeks ago
Fantastic! Thank you for the inspiration. I am due in August and I have had 1x planned c-section (due to pelvic fractures) 1x emergency c-section with twins. All my children will be 3 yrs apart so I figure this time around I should have no issues having a VBA2C... I desperately want to have a natural birth and something has gotten in the way every time. I will be birthing at the Mater in brisbane, crossing my fingers for their support.
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