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Hospital Bag Lock Rss

Hi, what is the one thing you were so grateful for packing into your hospital bag?
Disposable undies, lip balm, comfy trackies
Lip balm was a must for me.
Other then that... Soap!
lollies!!! grin i had massive sugar cravings post birth lol so my packet of snakes was a god send that and my novel to read during the 40+ mins at time i spent with bub on the boob smile
snacks like museli bars and snack bags of biscuits in case you get the munchies between meals

Little Miss's wrote:
Big granny undies ( just in case of c section). So they sit up high on your belly.

same!!! so daggy but sooo comfy smile

Mr J (April 2005) Miss Z (Feb 2007) and Miss O (Oct 2010)

Definately food - was starving afterwards!!!! And you can't always time it to be near a meal......
Spare change of clothes for DH (he stayed with us the whole 4 nights in hospital) and nipple cream for those hour long boobie feeds.

Thanks everyone, will add to my bag today:)
I would have DIED without:
-Powerade (during labor it was a godsend to give energy)
-Dry crackers and Tiny teddies SNACK SIZES (enough to fill the spot and you don't have food sitting open in a hospital)
My own Bath Towels and facewasher, camera for when it was boring (we were in hospital for nearly 3 weeks) and my phone and its charger, and breast pads (milk decided to come through on night 3 while I was asleep).
Can't name one thing but new underwear and a good pack or so nd pads.
Shower stuff,makes all the difference having lovely bodywash and nice shampoo really makes you feel so good.
new comfy clothes tights,pj's,sports bra's,long singlets and t shirts as I felt like my gutts was hanging out.

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