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No 1 vs No 2 Labour Lock Rss

For all of those ladies with more than 1 child, I'm just interested to know how long your second labour was compared to the 1st. smile
First labour 4 hours long. 1.1/2 hours to dilate and 2.5 hours of pushing!

Second labour 3 hours long. 1.5 hours wondering if this is labour - I was having niggles. 1.20 hours painful contractions, 10 mins pushing. The pushing with my 2nd was hindered by the waters still intact. The MW wanted the water to break on their own when I pushed. But it was too much for me so I asked her to break them.
DD(#1) I was induced and was 8hrs from when water was broken. DS went naturally and was 11hrs.

My first was about 30 hours in total, laboured mostly at home but found back pain very bad, got to the hospital to find out I was 8-9 cms dilated, and was told I'd be having a baby very soon. However, after having gas/air in the bath, the pain in my back became excruciating and when my midwife checked me again she told me bub was posterior. I opted for an epidural (was VERY lucky to get one at the late stage of labour I was in)......after that I was able to relax a little as before I had it I was in agony. Bub's heartbeat started to dip low a few times and I recall all these people coming in and there was talk of a c-section, but somehow at the last moment bub managed to turn in the right position and I was told to push. After a few good pushes I had my little boy, about 7 hours after I had got to the hospital at almost full dilation. I had an episiotomy too, which was very sore for a few weeks afterwards (slow to heal).

My 2nd labour was a lot shorter, but bub was also posterior and slowed my contractions right down (had been having them for the good part of that day but upon getting to hospital around midnight I was told I was only 3 cms dilated). Back pain started again, so my midwife attempted accupressure on my toes (with the help of my DH) and after about 15 mins I felt a 'pop' which I was told was bub turning the right way, and soon after the contractions came thick and DD was born about an hour afterwards, with just gas/air as pain relief. It was very painful but was quite quick and definitely easier than the first. smile

DS was 13 hours & DD was 3 1/2 hours smile
Just realised I rambled on way too much when you only wanted to know duration of each - sorry! tongue

1st - 36hrs all up, 18hrs active labour (ended in em c-section)

2nd - 13hrs all up, 6hrs active labour

3rd - 16hrs all up, 6hrs active labour
DD1 10 hours in total, DD2 2 hours in total, so with me definately shorter! Can often depend on the position of the baby though.
First baby was 12 hours induced with hormone drip and waters broken at 42 weeks. He was very happy where he was.
Second was 4 hours again induced with hormone drip and waters broken at 42 weeks as she was also happy where she was.
FX this little one will come on its own laugh

I had a long labour with DS, so here's hoping no.2 is shorter! Midwife reckons it will be, let's hope she is right

DS - Nov 2008 & DD - Feb 2012

With DD I had my first contraction at about 5am, waters were broken in hospital at 10:15am as I wasn't fully dilated (was 9.5cm but I was subconsciously pushing already) and I was holding her at 10:55 so just under 6hrs for entire labour.

With DS after an hour of twinging I told DH I thought I might be in the early stages of labour at about 7:30pm. I was holding him at 10:05pm so all up about 3.5hrs in labour but only 2.5hrs of really being aware I was in labour.

Dreading the possible labour speed if we ever decide to have a third child.

Im with you Leisah,

DS total of 4 hour labour.

DD total of 21 minutes.

with DD i was getting braxton hicks for an hour every afternoon for a week, some felt like mild labour, this happened for 2 weeks. later told i was going into labour each time but baby was stopped because of posterior.

When we decided to have number 3 i much rather the 4 hour labour (only cause DD i laboured in the back)

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