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the main reasons why i had a c section was because both of my children where emergency cesarians. my first child was born at 25 wks and then the second child was born at 37 weeks 5 days. the 2nd child i opted for cesarian was becuse i was scared of nautraul labour and i had the option of choosing between natural and c section. i dont really care what people may think or say if ur comfortable having a child by c section its ur choice no one elses. plus if u need to have a c section by doctors orders there is nothing rong by that.
I totally agree. I have no problem with what other people think of the way I choose to give birth. First time I didnt have a choice, my daughter's delivery was an emergency c/s and I am booked to have my second by c/s in 4 weeks.

A baby is a treasured gift and the wonder of that gift shouldnt be diminished by negative comments about the way the baby came into the world. You are no less of a mother if you dont have a vaginal birth nor are you less of a mother if you dont breast feed or if you use disposable nappies instead of cloth nappies or if you use day care or if some days you think to yourself this is really, really hard.

Mums everywhere keep up the great work regardless of how you have your baby they are going to love you and you will love them.


Jeanie, QLD, toddler girl and boy and pregnant

Personally, I am considering an elective caesarean for my next bub due in August 2005. As this is my 6th pregnancy (only bought one home from hospital) I have been told If I were to chose an elective C, no one would argue with me and my midwife is even leaning towards it. My 2 year old was born by emergency caesar as I had pre-eclampsia and he wasn't progressing (9 pound, 12 oz-er!). Afterwards I had to stay in recovery for 4 hours as my blood pressure was still bad, I had lost a lot of blood during the operation, and two days later needed a transfusion. I then developed an infection in my wound and required 24 hours of antibiotics. Having experieinced a vaginal birth to my first son, born at 25 weeks, which they told me was overall worse than giving birth at full-term, due to the emotional factors in place, shock, and little pain relief, I feel I have experienced enough to make a conscious choice about my birth and the best outcome for baby and me. I feel that with an elective, theres less chance of the pre-eclampsia making things worse for me, it's controlled and I can be organised and well informed. I know it's no picnic recovering from a caesar, it was the most painful 4 weeks of my life, but for my suffering, my son was born healthy and with no problems, and I would do it all again for the same result.

Kimberley, QLD, 2yo son

Im due to have #2 in july, I went through 26hrs with #1 and ended up in emergency c/s as I couldnt push her out! Due to big baby and I have a small pelvis.

I have now elected my 2nd c/s for 6/7 as Im in for another big baby. Im glad I know what is going on and dont have to sit round and wait for the big day to arrive, but the nerves have kicked in early as I was already drugged and not with it when I went for my first c/s and this time Im scared as Im wide awake going into a c/s. But I have to admitt I would rather have a c/s then go through natural but the recovery from a c/s is a bitch!!

Alanna,VIC DD 030503 DS1 290605 & DS2 040407

I had #3 on the 27/01/05 delivered by a elective repeat c-seaction, and it was the best choice I had. I didnt like that fact that I risked scar rupture, so elected for a repeat c-seaction. My son was born naturally and it was the most horrific experience ive ever gone through and 12 weeks after my eldest was born was still having pain walking and going to the toilet ect, so when i fell pregnant with Jessica the thought of natural birth scared me to death, so I explained that to my doctor and he left it up to me to decide if i wanted her by c-section, and im glad i did, i was driving and shopping without any pain when she was two weeks old. For all of you that are having a repeat c-section I can tell you that for me the pain wasnt as bad or maybe I knew what to expect this time around, but I had Cooper on the thurs morning and left the hospital on the saturday about 11am. My best advice for anyone having a c-section whether planned or not, which was passed onto me by a friend who had 2 c-sections is dont lay in bed for two long, the sooner you get out of bed and take the first walk accross the room the easier your recovery. It worked for me, I got up about 12 hours after the first c-section and about 18 hours after the second, as soon as they took the catheter out.

I wish you all well, which ever way you give birth, its a miricle and dont let other people tell you your not a real women unless you have given birth naturally, sometimes c-sections are a much better choice whether its for your physical or mental health and that of your precious new baby!!!!

Mum to Kevin(5), Jessica(2) and Cooper(4 weeks)
the only thing is when u get an emergency c section for the first time that is the worst pain the world afterwards. because u ar all bruised and sore from them ripping u apart to get the child out. but the 2nd time around is better cos u know what u r expecting and staying in bed is also not a good thing i agree with as well. get out and about and u b better off for it.
Hello Marti,
I'm soo sick of people judging you on the way you deliver your baby! I chose a c-sect as I underwent brain surgery @21 to clip an aneurysm on my brain stem and it was the safest choice for me and bub, pain OMG! ouch! it hurt like crazy,but "Maddison" was born, I got an infection, couldn't breastfeed, disaster, but got over it, fell pregnant 2 years later but unfortunately due to bub having major health problems we ended the pregnancy @20week +3 days and too by c-sct(baby girl"Zoe"), much more painful than the first(more emotionally) but no infection this time, then fell again but this time had a baby boy "Lleyton "and it was a breeze, hardly any pain and was able to breastfeed(great surgeon) then we were told not to have anymore c-sects which we were happy with, then fell with our latest addition" Ellie", got another infection, lost losts of blood and needed a transfusion which is bad enough not being able to get up to your bub but be stuck on a drip. The poor girl I was next to just had her bub naturally and said"I thought having a c-sect was the easy way out!. not now I've seen you!" I thibnk I scared her-hope if she has another baby she doersn't need to have one-she'll refuse! But with the last 3 I was home again in 2 days. People shouldn't judge it doesn't matter how they come out just as long as they are healthy and your happy that's all that matters,

BelindaQld, 4 children (1 in heaven)

My reply is sure to be controversial. I would be classified by many as 'too posh to push'. I'm 20 weeks pregnant and have planned an elective caesarian for no medical reasons. We are lucky that in today's world we have lots of choice and its the same when it comes to delivering a baby. My post is not meant to offend anyone. Everyone is different and I respect that.

I don't feel the need to go through labour to feel I've achieved or to make what some call the ultimate sacrifice. It took me 18 stressful months to get pregnant and my focus is now on the end - a health baby. For me, the greatest achievement has been conceiving and then carrying to term.

Also, when I look at the stats, only a tiny percentage of births are really 'natural'. Emergency caesarians are on the increase because of Dr's fears of litigation and our fear of something going wrong. The vast majority of births involve epidurals, forceps or vacuum. From my extensive reading and talking to people, it seems that its the emergency caesarens that take the longest to recover from, not necessarily the elective caesars.

I'm also concious of having a healthy sex life afterwards and avoiding the the problems and operations that my mum has had.

My Obst. said that its moving the risk from the baby to me but this risk is low and similar to any surgery. They do so many caesarians that they have got very good at minimising this risk. A few friends have had planned caesarians, some like me others for medical reasons and rarely have I heard a bad story, although I'm sure they do happen, like the bad stories you hear about vaginal births.

I'm just glad I've got the choice and thanks for the opportunity to express my views as I rarely talk about it as I'm conscious of how strongly others feel about this.

Michelle, Sydney, Jack Aug 2005 & Tom Nov 2007

Hi Everyone,

I would like to thank you all on your honesty. I am due to give birth on the 4 December 2005 for the third time. I already have 2 beautiful girls both born naturally. My first daughter was 7lbs4oz and even though I had a long labour I recovered really well. My 2nd born 5 years later was 8lb9oz. I also had a long labour with this one but it was alot more intense from the start. I pushed for 1 1/2 hours for my 2nd and she tore me to shreds. I could not stand up for any length of time as I was so sore. Even 2 years on I still often got pain there when I had my periods. My skin was so stretched and ripped as well in that area that I had to have countless stitches.
I am absolutely horrified about going through this experience again. This is why I am considering an elective caesarean. I have looked into this and totally understand that it isn't the easiest alternative. I really don't think there is one when it comes to giving birth. I really didn't want this bad experience stopping me from having another one as I didn't feel my family was quite complete.
One thing if I go through with the caesarean that I do look forward to is not having those awfully long painful labours.

Mum of 2 and another on the way

I am shocked to hear that people think like that. I have had 2 natural births and and considering having a caesarean for my next due in Dec 05. There is no easy birth whichever way you look at it but regardless of how you give birth when you look at that baby it is all worth it.
I would never consider myself any better than the next person from how I delivered my children.
These are not the type of people you would want to be around anyway.

Mum of 2 and another on the way

I poseted much earlier on this topic when I was pregnant with baby no 2. I had had an emergency c/section first time around and booked for an elective 2nd time around. Jordan is now 15 weeks old and Im great. I was in hospital for only 3 nights and was picking my Vanessa (17 months at the time) up the following day after my surgery. I knopw that was naughy but how do you say no to them!!! I was driving within 2 weeks, would have done it eqarlier bu Dr orders. No pain killers other than nurofen after day two. I felt great I started up at the gym the day of my 6 week check up.

but anyway my point is i felt really happy with my decision to go elective and think that women should be supported with whatever decision they make.

Being too posh to push is just rubbish because what makes a good mother is not how the baby arrived in this world but what you do once its here.!!
I wonder what adoptive mothers think of the debate on vaginal vs c/section?

Jeanie, QLD, toddler girl and boy and pregnant

I would like to add my experience of having had two caesareans - one emergency for the birth of my identical twins, and an elective one just a few days ago for the birth of my third child.
It is not all doom, gloom and pain from my experience. I had a brilliant Dr who did both of my surgeries and my recovery was not only quick but relatively pain free. I only needed pain relief for the first two days post surgery. Yes they are major operations, which I required for medical complications, not as an easy birth option. I had a view during pregnancy that I was paying a specialist for his expertise, and there was not point doing that if I didn't take his advice. I tried to ignore those who expressed pity, disappointment or told me to sign medical waivers to try for a natural delivery. At the end of the day my health and that of my children was priority - we wanted to go home together.
Every one has different pain thresholds and I don't want to sound scornful of those who had a painful or complicated recovery - my sympathies go out to them. But look after yourself during pregnancy. Try to stay as active and healthy as possible - in my experience, it makes the recovery so much faster!
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