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Thats excatly how i feel - too tired to make any more decisions!!!!

It feels like a cop out but I just can't help it. What I've decided to do though is research and look at the positives in the c section so hopefully i won't feel disappointed about it.


Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

My goodness me calebsmum - you didn't have a pleasant time did you. I also had gestational diabetes and so was induced and ended up having a c-section because of foetal distress, but my experience was more like Yvette's. To tell you the truth, after hearing my friends natural birth stories, I'm glad I had a c-section!

Mum to DD 08.08.03 and DS 12.05.05

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Thanks everyone for your stories and advice

will keep you posted smile

Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

Hi Janeen

I didnt have a c-sect but I had a forcep delivery.

My baby was born in the 'anterior' position which meant he was coming out facing outwards with his 'face" towards the sunlight tongue so to speak, NOT his head, which is the norm. This meant that no amount of pushing would have helped him come out as he was simply stuck there.

I was 7 cms dilated and when the doc arrived he was in two minds between a c-sect or forcep delivery and in the end he opted for a forcep delivery.

He gave me an episiotomy, he said "sorry my dear but you need one" so he cut me and during the process of him trying to pull the baby out i ended up tearing as well. Needless to say the agony i felt down there , once all the drugs had worn off. I had stitches upon stitches. I lost all control of my bladder so i would pee myself everytime. I would be crying when i tried to walk or dress myself, like you said I couldnt even put my underwear on myself. I couldnt change my baby, bathe my baby, very similar to your story. My mum and my hubby , god bless them!!! They had to do almost everything until I was able to get back on my feet.

It seems to me that horror stories can happen regardless of whether you deliver naturally or by c-section

helena- vic- ds-3.5 dd- 1


i had an elective c section as i had previously broken my back and any labour would have meant i would have taken the risk of not walkig again.

my c section was the most amazing experience. i watched the entire operation on a tv screen and held the baby within 20 seconds of her coming out. i was up walking around 6 hours after the oepration (after spinal block wore off) and did not look back. iwas able to hold, bath, change, dress and walk with my baby. i think some people on this site may have had some bad experiences. i was back to my pre pregnancy weight within 3 days and back to my pre pregnancy clothes by the time i got home. yeah sure the first 24 hourls is a bit hairy beinding over and wiping legs and pulling pants up etc but it is more mind over matter i think. i am having another baby in october and did not hesitate to ask for another c section. and to add to this, i had my baby 8 months ago and you can not even see the scar any more. the only frsutrating thing about a c section is the numb tummy afterwards which no-one tells you about.

dont fall into a sense of insecurity about not being with your baby etc. there wasnt a minute i wasnt with my baby from the minute she was born. i breast fed her right from the beginning and there were NO problems.

Hello elena. I am not sure if there has been some confusion re my post from 8 months ago. I was in no way saying a vaginal birth was any easier than a caesarean for most people. What I was trying to get across is contrary to both popular belief and how the media portrays caesareans, they are not a walk in the park. People who have caesareans are not taking the easy way out, we are not avoiding all the pain and most of us are not doing it by choice. We have a caesarean because it is due to the safely of both mother and child. You see the difference is people do not judge you for having a vaginal birth. I have had people on this very site approach me to get to know me and one of the first questions they ask is tell me all about your labour. As soon as they hear I had a caesarean I never hear back. I have met other mothers who have either walked away from me or the conversation stops as soon as I say I had a caesarean. On the large majority we do get treated differently. Saying that I would never generalise and say every mother who had a vaginal birth has that opinion or every and anyone in the general public as that would be untrue. I have many many many friends who have had very traumatic births including a few with 3rd degree tears who have had years and years of different surgeries to try to fix the on going problems. I would NEVER disrespect them or anyone who had difficulties by ever insinuating they are still better off then myself who had a caesarean. On the other side I have also know of friends who have had complications with their caesarean - the baby being cut , the mother haemorrhaging, infection from some placenta being left, scar rupture and infections internally and at the wound site. I know of 2 close friends who can not have children again. One for a vaginal birth the other from a caesarean. What I was expressing was my personal experience, everyone is different. We could talk all day about the complications that can occur just from birth regardless of method. I was not and would not judge anyone who had a vaginal or caesarean birth. At the end of the day as long as the mother and child are both healthy and alive that is all that matters.
Hi Janeen,

That is terrible that people have walked away or not replied when you have said you had a c-section. They obviously aren't worth knowing then. I'm glad I haven't come across anyone like this!

Mum to DD 08.08.03 and DS 12.05.05

Hi Janeen

I didnt think for once that you were saying natural is easier than a c-sect. I just wanted to share my experience with you as your story sounded so similar to mine!!!!!!!!
I too get remarks from people like " Oh so you couldnt push your baby out yourself??' or " I would have persisted in pushing my baby naturally , forceps are far too dangerous" . sad This frustrates the HELL out of me because its not like I had a CHOICE either but they never want to hear that part.

We are blessed that we both had healthy babies and in the end i agree that is all that matters!! smile

helena- vic- ds-3.5 dd- 1

Thanks everyone!! It it so good to know this site is here to support each other. I wish I knew of it much earlier than I did.

Elena have you heard this one?

Q. So are you having the baby naturally??

A. NO we thought we might try something different and get the baby out through my nose........
Q. Public or Private?
A. Public! we have booked the MCG so if there is a game that day we will have to move to the lawns!

Silly I know but so silly you have to at least giggle.

Thanks for your kind words phantom. You are very right, some people are not worth giving your time. But at the time it still hurts. The main thing for me is if or when we have another I have an increase chance of another caesarean so I am hoping next time my experience will be better. I wonder why some people just bounce right back after a C while others, like me, didnt bounce but splatted!!?? Perhaps its just the luck of the draw?? Have fun everyone.

Janeen these are so funny, and so so true!!! People seem to ask the most obvious questions sometimes.... i mean daaaaaaaa!! hehehe

The funny thing was that I did bounce straight after my baby was born, i walked out of the delivery room, did not want the wheelchair that was offered to me, just wanted to be with my baby boy!! I was so elated and felt no pain but that was because of the epidural lol.

I think of those women in 3rd world countries who have their babies in a field then wrap them up and continue to work i mean how freaky is that???

If anything i hear that 2nd births are usually quicker than the first ones and sometimes easier??, (this is just what i have heard from friends with 2 and 3 babies) .

Here's hoping it is the case for us and for all mummies who are expecting again smile

Take care my dear Janeen smile

helena- vic- ds-3.5 dd- 1

No worries Janeen - us c-section girls have to stick together.

Mum to DD 08.08.03 and DS 12.05.05

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