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Which Private Hospital is good Norwest Private or Westmead Private? Lock Rss

I am pregnent with my first baby and when went to see the GP, she told us to finalize which hospital we should go for the pregnency care...
We have to decide whether Norwest Private or Westmead Private.
I am very much new to this and do not know anyone who have gone in either of these.
Can any one suggest me any suggestions, both positive and negative? it will be really helpfull.

I haven't been to either but I have had friends go to both and have been happy with their choices.

I would suggest finding out about doing a tour of each as it may help with your decision.

Do you have to choose one of these to because that's where your doctor delivers at?

I had both my sons at Westmead Private as my ob. only delivered there. Didn't like it the first time, but loved it the second time round. I think it was because first time around I had so many interruptions. 2nd time round I was at the end of the hallway and "forgotten" about, which I loved. I was also in the new section, which was beautiful.
My sister gave birth at norwest and a few friends also - the oly negative comment I have heard is that it is a bit cold, but apart from that, they all had a great experience.
Good luck.
Hi lovemylittlemen

can you tell what do u mean by cold?? is it the staff over there was cold or is it the room were cold??
Hi Kim

We have not decided the OB yet....why we went for these two hospitals were because they were nearer to us...
do u recommend any good OB?
Hi I had my son at Norwest and loved it! The staff were great and very helpful and the facilities were great. Felt like i was in a hotel, well it did when i wasn't feeding a baby, having myself checked by the nurses etc... If you want to know anything just ask.

Hi lovemylittlemen

can you tell what do u mean by cold?? is it the staff over there was cold or is it the room were cold??

Sorry I should have been more specific. She said temperature cold. Teh staff were great.

Hi Kim

We have not decided the OB yet....why we went for these two hospitals were because they were nearer to us...
do u recommend any good OB?


Sorry, can't recommend any good Ob's. I had my 1st at Hawkesbury through the midwives clinic and am doing the same again this time.

The only personal experience I have had with an ob is my gyno who is in Penrith but a very lovely man.

Hi there, I had my baby at Westmead Private in mid May 2010 and can't thank the staff and nurses enough. We were there 8 nights, my hubby stayed with me as bub was in special care. We could have gone home earlier but I wanted to stay and extra couple of nights till I felt more confident when bub was out of special care.

I am actually expecting again and even though we live closer to Norwest Private I haven't heard any good reviews from my mothers group girls and will be going back to Westmead Private for the delivery.

I have also been told that they have done an extension in the maternity ward so I'm looking forward to it.

I find as long as your nice to everyone and then they will be nice and bend over backwards to help you.

Good luck with your decision and all the best for your delivery.
Hi We had our baby recently at Westmead private and there are goods and the bads.
The Goods

1) Mostly Excellent staff
2) Excellent care during delivery
3) Good Post delivery care
4) Very Comfortable

The Bads

1)The delivery was normal and there was no need for a pediatrician to visit , a pediatrician attended our baby ( we did not request for him coming to see our baby or were told that he will be coming) later we were invoiced $ 390 which hospital says is not their problem and pediatrician says our obstetrician refered our I ended up paying $390 for services we did not require.

2)Our baby was admitted to nursery after 2 days of being born for not taking enough breast milk , the pediatrician commented he could not understand why baby is in nursery as he was normal and gaining weight as he should - think the whole thing was for to bill extra

3) While our baby was in nursery once lactation consultant was very rude and my wife was left in tears during the night our baby was in nursery . We filed a official complaint and were assured that they will be talking to the staff and this will not be repeatd with any other patient ...think about it the same lactation consultant calls up after about a week to confirm our baby name so our insurance company cn be billed and spells out her name to my wife literally saying if she does not confirm the details required we will be sent a bill of $ 2000 and almost infering that see I am calling and nothing has happened to me even after you complained.

Overall it was a good experience barring we had the unpleasent lactation consultant, our baby was in nursery for 2 night which even peditrician was not sure about and had to pay up extra $ 390 which I did not ask for or was told about.
ive been to norwest on a few occasions and they have been wonderful. the nurses are very pro breastfeeding and they go out of their way to help you as much as they can. the aircon is a bit chilly all the time but the facilities, service and nurses were all amazing. even at norwest you do pay for the peadiatrician to visit you even if everythings fine. they are the ones that give the ok for release. its standard in all private hospitals. I also had the experience of a close relative going to westmead private. Its not as nice and hotel like compared to norwest. She was treated well and they did look after her care wise. Although there they are pretty laid back with feeding they didnt check up on her and didnt push the breast at all they were happy to hand her a tin of formula pretty quickly without trying to express or anything. Also another difference is at norwest they have a room just for the mothers to always feed their babies together under the guidance of the nurses so they can help you out, they also have heaps of twin pumps if you need to express or stimulate your milk. At westmead no such thing you were on your own in your room figuring out yourself unless you specifically called the nurse for help.

So i guess it depends on if you like having the guidance and being helped without asking or you dont also the facilities. personally i went norwest and ill be back there and i loved it compred to the other hopsitals ive seen.
I know Westmead Private offers skin to skin contact in recovery for elective caesarians. They also have
a feeding support room, which is amazing. A lactation consultant is there and it is available 24/7. Hearing very good feedback about it. smile


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