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Warragul Hospital Lock Rss

I had my now 15 month old at Warragul. Was originally ment to go to Casey Hospital but they were very bad i thought, so changed to warragul and i had no problems what so ever. I thought they were all really nice and felt comfortable the whole time. Even after bubs they werent too in my face like i had with my first at a different hospital, they gave you the space i wanted and were pretty quick to come when i needed them. They also let my partner stay there with me in hospital once bub was born which i loved.
I have to agree with one of the other mothers. I had a baby with complications. Dr. McLennen treated me like I was a stupid woman for crying after being told my baby was going to die. He showed no compassion, my sister-in-law who was with me for support nearly got up and left in disgust, however stayed for my sake.

I went back to my gp and got transferred to Monahs Medical Centre. Althought my baby girl died at 37 weeks and 5 days, but both she and I ended up recieving the best care we could at Monash Medical Centre. Professor Euan McGreggor was fantastic, as were the team of midwives who helped me cope with with what was the most difficult experience of my life.

I am now pregnant again and will not set foot near Warragul hospital or see Dr. McLennen.

jazzymyn can you tell me who you are seeing there as I would prefer a female OB. thanks
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