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how long did your induction take Rss

I was induced with DD. I went in on the Wednesday night and they put the cervidil in at 8pm ish (had to get a trace of DD but she wouldne behave till they gave me sprite with sugar added). Went to sleep. OB came in and broke my waters at 8am just after brekkie which was nice of her. Contractions started pretty much straight away. Got the drip put in at 10:30 and DD arrived at 4:05pm so labour was only 8hrs, 5mins.
I only know of one girl who was labouring for over 24hrs but she only had the gel and refused the drip. Ended up with a emergency c-section.

i was induced at 40 wks. i was already dilated 3cm, so my waters were broken at 9am. nothing was happening so i was put on the drip at 12pm. my contractions started instantly 3 mins apart and REALLY strong. within an hour the drip was switched off because my contractions were literally on top of each other and way too strong. by 5.30pm i was 6cm dilated and was moved into the delivery room. i started pushing at about 8pm, needed an episiotomy, then with 2 pushes our beautiful baby boy was born at 8.12pm.
obviously every labour is different, so dont get too worried it may go quickly.
good luck smile
I was induced at 41 +4 Went in at 8.00pm given the prosterin Gel at 10.00pm I was in full blown labour by 12.30am and bubs was born at 2.07am!
Alot of people say being induced is awful, i didnt think it was too bad.

Best of luck with your bub!
I was induced at 37+4, was given gels the night before and then had my waters broken. My DD was in my arms after a 2hr 20 min labour

GOodluck x

I was induced at 41+6. Was already a few centimetres dialated so they started with breaking my waters and turned on the drip at 8am. Was having serious one-on-top-of-the-other contractions by 11am. Really found the gas to be an awesome distraction smile Was given an epidural after 12hrs as I was still only 6cm dialated, then got to 10cm in the next half an hour coz I was relaxed. Pushed for over an hour and got him all the way down, tried the vacuum but in the end my son didn't want to come out so he was pushed back up and we ended in a c-section, with him born at 42 weeks. I hope yours is much quicker and easier. All the best! smile
I was induced at 39 weeks, they started the drip about 10.30am, was in active labour by 12pm and my girl arrived at 4.10pm the same day.

I had already started dilating so this prob made all the difference.
I was induced with both of my DD's at 38-39 weeks. I had the gel the night before with both, which was vaguely uncomfortable, but didn't start contractions.

I was given the drip with dd1 as they were unable to break my waters and she was born 90 minutes later,

With dd2, I had my waters broken and they started the drip, but turned it off as I didn't end it and she was born 37 minutes later.

No pain meds (well a bit of gas with dd2), no other intervention required.

Hi There,

I was induced at 39 weeks and 4 days with first baby. Tried everything to get natural labor going. Was hesitant with induction. Had Cervadil on Sunday at 6pm and Monday at 6am cervix was only 0.5cm more open from 1cm. Also my cervix was very posterior and soft so was worried how effective induction would be. Waters were broken at 7.30am and I asked if I could walk around to initiate labor. Mild contractions started and syntosin given at 8.30am. Stronger contractions started 10.30am and by 12.20pm baby was out. Everything was super fast including recovery.
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