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Did you try any "Old Wives" remedies to bring on labour and if so what did you try? Lock Rss

I have tried it all before too!!!
I think it ends up driving you crazy when you realise that none of is doing what it is suppose to do!!! I honestly think that the only thing that actually works is when bub decides that he/ she is ready!!!
I also tried acupuncture a couple days before due date and that was really relaxing, I guess that can help to get things moving, would def do again!!!
i actually went to the drag races and stopp against the fence so that my belly could feel the vibrations as well as walking the quarter mile all day. it worked a charm, got there at 7:30am was in labour by 3:30pm and on my due date
A midwife at the hospital I am booked to deliver in told me that Clary Sage oil brings on contrations. So they actually have big bottles and oil burners in the birthing suites. She also said that when she was 32 weeks pregnant herself another midwife accidentally dropped one of the bottles and the oil spilt everywhere. She had to leave the hospital for a week because everytime she was on the ward she started going into premature labour.

Ive only tried the Hot Curry, Hot Baths, Sex, Walking, Bouncing on a Fit Ball to no avail!. Ive been taking raspberry leaf tablets for the last 6 weeks or so, but that is basically to get it all prepared rather than bring it on! I had an internal or Stretch and Sweep 3 days ago and it turns out that I am already dialted 3 cms.....since then I have been in what I believe is the early stages of labour, Ive been losing my mucus plug for 3 days with cramps, diarroea and contractions pretty much all day everyday but with no pattern to them.....Im seriously thinking something should happen soon....because its tourture!!

I have been told so many different things to try, but i personally believe its just the luck of the draw and everybody's body is different. Some things may work for some, and nothing may work for some, hence i have given up on trying different things even though i'm 6 days overdue i'm just going to have to ride it out and hope i get induced soon.

Reflexology is what I tried out. I have heard many people complaining about how reflexology did not work out for them. But it was a different story in my case. The reflexology treatment which I got done from Erinmills in Mississauga was really effective!
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