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I had a positive result for GBS from a urine sample taken early in pregnancy, and no matter how many times I ask about it, it always seems to become more confusing as opposed to clearer...
I need IV antibiotics to avoid my baby contracting GBS during delivery, and have been told that my first dose should be at least 4 hours before I give birth.
But how do you actually know when to go to the hospital?
My partner keeps telling me he is going to take me in as soon as labour begins, but I'm not sure if that is the best idea.
(Other than once my waters have broken, which is the only explanation I have received so far)
This is our first baby, so both of us are probably a bit nervous and unsure of what to expect!! blink
I had it with DS2, they told me to go straight in when I started labour to get the ABs, even if I then have to go home, I didnt go home though, my labour kicked in pretty quickly even if it did go for 7 hours
i had it with my first bub and went straight in as soon as my waters broke and was on the drip the whole time i was in labour.

i am about to pop now with our second bub, and i didnt know that GBS comes and goes. this pregnancy i dont have it! so im even more confused on when im suppose to go in....

dont stress about it at all... and focus on your beautiful bub~!
i had my bubs on thursday morning, when my contractions started i rang the hospital at 8pm, and they told me to call back when my contractions where 4 mins apart, and they would give me the drugs as soon as i got there..

and that they did. and every 4 hours after that they are to give them to you (midwife told me) i went into hospital at 1.30am and bubs was born at 5.19am i just missed the next antibotics.

hope that helps.
I had it with Ryder and i went in pretty much as soon as my waters broke. Don't muck around with Strep B, ring your hossy as soon as you think labour has started or your waters break smile

Group B Strep (GBS) is transient in nature. You can test positive(or negative) at 35 weeks for example and be negative(or positive)at the birth. I suggest doing heaps of your own research about GBS if you feel you aren't getting the appropriate answers from your OB/midwife.

Having the antibiotics is no guarantee that your baby won't contract GBS and you can opt not to have them unless other risk factors are present. Other risk factors include, but are not limited to a fever while you are in labour, waters breaking before 37 weeks gestation, a baby with previous GBS disease (not applicable to you obviously), membranes ruptured more than 18-24 hours. I personally know of at least 3 women who had several doses of antibiotics in labour after testing positive at 35 weeks; 2 of the 3 babies contracted GBS, had antibiotics themselves after birth and they both got really sick and one of them nearly died. Generally speaking the longer your membranes are ruptured, the greater the risk of infection, not just for GBS but other things as well. If you are comfortable you could wait until your waters break before going to hospital...or equally you might choose to go when the contractions are regular.

I have neverbeen screened for GBS in pregnancy. In the UK where DS1 was born it is not even a routinely offered test and when pregnant with DS2 in NZ it was offered but we refused it on a number of grounds. IMO we should be observing ALL babies for signs of GBS not just mothers where we think we know their status.

i had strep b both pregnancies and received AB during both labours. first labour i went in asap and they told me to come back when contractions got closer, which i did, and they put an iv in my hand ready for when bubs was born.

second i was induced so it was all very prepared and easy.

was no big deal at all to have it...
Not trying to scare any one but I feel annoyed when people say it's not big deal it's nothing and so on.

I did have strep b which was found out the morning of my induction

I was induced and told that it was fine all I needed to have was antibiotics and that was it.

Any ways my labor was very fast - 3 hours I had the first injection and no more.

Was in hospital 5 days all normal no temps for my bub.

It wasn't till 3 weeks later we noticed my daughter would hold one leg up all the time and when I would try to change her nappy or put her onsie on she would scream. I rang our health nurse who told me to call health direct- they instructed us to take her to PMH as soon as we could. So we did it was a Sunday - PMH asked me 100 of questions if I had hurt her or dropped her or pulled it a bit hard which I hadn't. They told us to go away and come back the next day as they didn't do ultrasounds on a weekend. The next morning at 5 am she was hysterical so we got up and headed in. We were sent straight through and she had an ultra sound and then an X-ray. We waited for results then a specialist walked in and said she has septic hip arthritis and wanted to take her straight in for surgery ( this was before he had even seen her results) we were shocked.... then they said they would do an MRI to make sure. Which they did - next thing she is taken off to surgery.

After surgery and many tests including a lumber puncture it was found she had the strep b infection in her hip. She was put on a Baxter pump with a pic line in her arm and was on the pump for 4 months. Daily changes by a nurse at home after a week in hospital.

She caught it from me.

So I'm not trying to scare people but it is a less than 1% change of it happening all the dr and ob said they learn it at college but have never come across a case.

I post this so every one knows that it can be serious and it can happen so don't be fooled into thinking it's nothing cause of it happens it's very serious.

She is almost 2 now and is all fine but still an out patient of the hospital with 6 monthly check ups - she was put in a harness for 5 months to hold the hip in place so the bone did not die.
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