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Is it possible? Lock Rss

hi I was just wondering is it really possible to get a model type body back after having a baby? I miss my figure very much has anyone achieved this?

I think it depends a lot on your age, how your body copes with the pregnancy and how much weight you gain. I only gained eight kilos during my pregnancy and it pretty much fell off when the baby came. I never had a model figure but I was pretty pleased with the way my body bounced back.

Breastfeeding helps with weight loss as it burns extra calories. Of course eating sensibly helps I made sure I didn;t have too much junk food around. Eating sensibly also works the other way - you need to make sure you keep your strength up and you do need to eat a little more food than normal, just make it fruit and other good stuff. Of course having a bit of junk never hurt anyone.

Unfortunately Christmas was shortly after my baby was born so all that went to custard.

Anyhoo don't worry about it - things seem to matter less when you have a tiny life to look after.

Take Care

Leanne, NZ, Ella age 2 & Sam age 6months

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