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Nifedipine-to stop labour Lock Rss

Hi. I was given Nifedipine over the weekend to stop premature labour at 34 weeks as well as steriods for the babes lungs. The labour stopped but for how long? Has anyone else taken this and what were their experiences. Can I expect to start contractions again? I am not on a maintenance dose since leaving hospital yesterday. Hope you are all well. Sam


Hi Sam

My little girl is now 11mths. But we went into early labour at 33wks, was given Nifedipine too. Had 3 doses (from memory) and the steriods, but didn't do much then had to have another drug Salbutamol (that was terrible). That worked though and I was discharged two day later with mild contractions which settled and I returned to work and worked up to 38wks. Then I went to full term and was induced!!! I can only discribe my experience, I do remember having days were I thought I was contracting by think they were just braxton hicks. Hope all goes well and you make it another fews weeks, remeber the longer bubs in there the better for them..
Good Luck

Georgia, 11mths

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